Run in

Just incase anyone didn’t know this is our run in:

Note Gateshead away Monday 16th April - happy days eh!

Win 8 draw 2 or 3 and we are the champions, COME ON THE ALBS let’s start by beating Ilkeston on Saturday.

Lets keep a sense of perspective here and not put ridiculous pressure on the team.

The first priority is to secure a play off spot. Only then start even thinking of the Title, we have a difficult 5 games coming up and key personnel are suspended.


I don’t think 8 wins out of 12 is asking too much of this GREAT team.

I think that if we can keep within touching distance of AFC Telford by the time they visit us then anything is possible.

As I’ve posted elsewhere on here, they have still got to play Marine, North Ferriby and Burscough as well as us in their last five games.

One point or more at Burscough and the title is ours. What time is the bus going?



Andy is right. You’re being a prat putting unneccesary pressure on the team. Cool it a little.

I totally disagree that I am putting pressure on the team, I am showing just how much faith I have in the best bunch of players we have had in years, possibly the best since the halcyon days of my youth. They won’t settle for a play off place and neither should we. We ARE the best, let’s not be afraid to say so.

Really really simple - we just keep winning our games!

We should go into every match with confidence and with a professional attitude. As the cliche goes, one match at a time. If we lose one it won’t be a disaster, we just have to win the next! I am great believer that at the this stage of the season it is as much about the mental approach and belief. Players are not going to learn new skills between no and then, their fitness is likely to decrease not increase. Therefore it is about believing we can win and not accepting any other outcome. Games last for 90 minutes (stating the bloody obvious here), Jim has to get the team focused for each 90 minutes that come along. If you look back at Ashton, despite the pitch we just didn’t look right on the day. We lacked a mental sharpness that you need to win games. We have used this attitude to great effect this season, I am most impressed by us when we go one up in games, we get a real grip of the game and finish it off quickly (like a boxer when he knows the other guy is on the ropes).

Positive mental attitude, players, management and fans alike. At this stage of the season, it is in our hands, mathmatically it is ours to lose. Maybe we will maybe we won’t. How much do we want it and do we believe in our ability to do it? We will know the answer over the next 6 weeks or so.

Exciting times!

we are going to get promoted no matter what now lads i can feel it. This team is the best we have had in a while and they are going to take us all the way. 2 games in hand ova telford and 5 points behind come on lads we can do this. ;D