Latest gossip from Runcorn is that they have played their last game at Halton Stadium, the Chairman has not been seen and is believed to have left the country, also prices have been quoted for a bus to bring ‘home’ supporters to games at Wincham Park, just rumours not facts but interesting none the less

I wouldn’t mind them coming as long as they aren’t as messy & ungrateful as the swine who already share with us. ;D

Update from Runcorn forum<br><br>Cannot say much at the minute as we agreed now to release much, but its basically as we knew it to be. The Doc has been putting money in all season and cannot afford to do so any more. No help is forthcoming - financially or otherwise - and he basically doesnt doesnt know what to do about it.<br><br>Main thing to come out of it (which I don’t think anyone will be surprised) is that the club needs to find some money to complete the season. This will be somewhere in the region of ?20k. The wage bill is around ?2k per week as we suspected and is the main outlay, plus other things that will need paying such as player insurance and coaches to away games. Playing any more games at the Stadium is out of the question, so that bill will not rise any more.<br><br>There are many questions to answer. Obvious one is can we find this money? Even if we can, what will happen next season? If we stay up, will the Conference kick us out for not having secure finances? If we are kicked out, where would we go? Is it worth trying to find this money if the club has no league at the end of the season anyway? Should the club try to reduce the ?20k needed by releasing all non-contract players and get players in from teams like Mond or Chems to get the wage bill down to say ?500 a week? Yes we will probably go down, but we wouldnt have to find ?20k?<br><br>