Rushden Posters

I am currently sorting out some posters to publicise what must be oour biggest game in 10years?<br><br>I will have them available in an email format and for collection from the club shop on Boxing day.<br>It’d be nice if people could come forward and take one to put up at work or in their shop window etc if possible where others might see it - not asking too much is it?

Good Idea.<br><br>I’ll pop one up on our works noticeboard. That should give it an audience of 200+.

Good idea - How big are they? If you did some A4 size we could all put one in our car windows,imagine how many people would see them then!<br>

Yeah Yox, i’m sure the people of Bury would be very interested…<br><br>I’ll take some.

I will take some too.<br>WHS.

Thanks guys thats the kind of response we were looking for.<br>They are A4 size (if you’re good with a copier I guess they could be made bigger!<br><br>

The posters are now ready so please specify whether you want them emailing if you do to which address ie your membership address.

I’ll pick a few up boxing day please Neil.