Safety Officer?

I understand that Witton’s Safety Officer - Bob Robinson has been poached by Vics, and will be their Safety Officer at the Barrow game this weekend.<br>Have Witton replaced Bob?<br>Who is the new Safety Officer at Wincham Park?

We don’t need one - Bob hasn’t left us.

Talking to a Vics steward today and Bob is Vics new Safety Officer.<br>He will be the Safety Officer at their ground for the game against Barrow.<br>Therefore how can Bob be the Safety Officer for our game against Lincoln…can’t be in two places at once.<br>

I pretty sure I’ve not seen him at EVERY home game in the last x seasons and he was still officier then!

may be he is moonlighting !!! ;D

Debbie,<br><br>With hindsight, care to amend your previous posting??<br><br>