Season opener

Not very busy on the forum so i thought i’d get a debate going. With the season opener closing in and no new faces as yet, what will be Jd’s starting line up away at Guiseley. I’d go for<br><br>Gibson, Evans, Barlow, Furnival, Tickle, Yates, Foy, Kevan, Carden/Dicken, Moseley, Sargeson<br><br>Any thoughts, come on liven up

Interesting question. (it certainly is quiet on here, still when you have your own ground, finished at that and a decent board already in place what is there to talk about in July?)<br><br>On the team side I’d have Pritch in certainly (are you reading Pritch this lad fella doesn’t rate you ;)) and I’m not sure about Yates in midfield.<br><br>Another aspect of the start of the season is what a tough opening 4 fixtures I think we have. Guiseley with a new backer, Leek who are signing everyone, Lincoln who finished 4th last season and then last years runners up Matlock. On paper very tough opposition but who knows - we didn’t finish 5th for nothing…

I sincerely hope that the team isnt as above. If so whats the point in increasing the budget???

God help us if that side starts the season, some of those should be earning less not more, and I am surprised if all those are still going to be with us - not much happened during the summer if thats the best they can come up with.

I think the starting line up should be:<br><br>Mason, Halliday, Coathup, Connor, McNelis, Connor, Anderson, Alford, Grimshaw, Lukevitch, Thomas. <br><br>Oh no sorry just me dreaming of when had a good side! rather than vics’ sloppy seconds or Barnton players!