Season's Highlights

It’s difficult for me with not being at the games but I’d be interested to know what supporters have considered their highlights of the season…

Best match for me was Runcorn.

Boxing Day for me. First league game against 1874 and we won convincingly.
That will go down in the records and nothing will change it.

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Highlights from my perspective, six points against 1874 - always nice to beat your local rivals.

Taking four points off Macclesfield FC.

Connor Hughes four goals against Hanley Town at the U Lock It Stadium.

I think for me the Runcorn game but also the style of play compared to the previous season is great to watch additionally and I think it was previously commented on how many more young fans we have seen at WP this season . Really looking forward to next season and how we can push on !

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The Christmas/NY games for me. We’d been so inconsistent in the run up to the festive period, but to destroy 1874 on Boxing Day, then edge Runcorn in an all-time classic, scoring eight goals and both in front of 800+, was brilliant. Those results seem to have really kicked us on into the second half of the season, too.

I’ve enjoyed this season more than any in the last seven or eight years, plenty to be positive about providing we can keep the bulk of this squad together - the discipline needs sorting out though!

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My highlights Runcorn and 1874 wins, signing Connor Hughes and beating billy big time Macc and finally just playing good attractive football. UTA

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