Seriously Time for new songs!

We play FC next sat, they sing non-stop for 90 mins are we gonna let them out do us. We’ve had time to get to know the new squad. Post on here any ideas. Eli composed 2 on sat i thought we could keep. “Zane’s gonna get ya, Zane’s gonna get ya” and “He plays on the left, he plays on the right, that boy Thaker, makes Gaghan look shite”. So euery1 can join in with these 2 at least on tues now haha.

How about this

We’ve got the best midfield in the league

We’ve got Thacker and Drew, Willis and Smith even got Ben Thornley Ben Thornley.

We’ve got the best midfield in the league

To the tune of the Liverpool fans in this video. Love this song made a similar one last season but we already had a song for the tune.

Any Improvements welcome

marky drew drew drew, aint nothin that he cant do, marky drew drew drew, dont blink cos he’ll get past you. From the left, from the right mark drews shots are dynamite we’re so glad he came to town, cos he shits on Alex Brown! Somebody said this maybe a bit wordy but at the end of the day we have next to nothin at the mo. So get this learnt 4 saturday and il start it off, with Eli!