What a good shareholders meeting we had last evening<br>It is very rewarding to be able to have a say as a shareholder in the running of OUR club [smiley=banane.gif]<br>Plenty of very good positives for US to look forward to as Shareholders. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] <br>I could not bear to think what it must be like to support a team where the supporters don’t have a say in the running of the club that they have supported for Years.<br>New manager and assistant chosen and to be announced next Monday.<br>We are on our way up to the Conference North very soon<br>Many thanks to OUR directors for the good news sharing the news with us Shareholders [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif][smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Lucky you <br><br>we would have had one but for Mr Connman sorry Connett rifling our assets for peanuts.<br><br>But most Vics supporters can’t see the wood for the trees.

Don’t let JGG hear you talking like that, he thinks Vics supporters have a good deal!!<br><br>So there

Mr W & Mr W are in control of you lot. Don’t kid yourselves, you have a say but that is where it stops. You then are told what is happening to your club, has Mr W told you he’s selling WP yet, has he told you how many shares he has?!!<br>Conference North!!! Dreamers!!!<br><br>p.s. the ever growing NVFC trust has a voice in the club, fans are therefore able to have input but just like you lot, no control whatsoever.

Of course we know the ground will be sold, Mr W keeps us informed, as soon as planning permission is granted we will be off.<br><br>Nearly bought the new stadium, but Connett beat us to it, thats how close we were!

Not close enough though hey, a close miss is as good as a mile!! You will sell the ground when Mr W informs you says hippo! - sounds like you shareholders have got alot to say in the decison making of witton!! 3 grounds in less than 20 years, now you will become a laughing stock even if your not already!! I wonder what you’ll be able to build with the proceeds once Mr W and Mr W have claimed back their investments - a ground half as big as wp maybe?

U shud know all about being a laughing stock -4managers in a season saw to that!!!<br><br>Notice that you were cutting it fine to get to Accrington yesterday - I do hope you didn’t miss the game!!!<br><br>Another corner turned eh!!!<br>

Arrived there just before 3pm and saw a very entertaining game with Vics the better team in the 1st half and unlucky to be 2 goals down. Referee atrocious with Vics getting np protection from a very physical Accrington side. 2nd half saw 2 contenders for goal of the season and the 5th one 5 yards offside. Yes Accies won easily but the scoreline completely flattered them. <br> As for being laughing stocks,your current manager situation is a debacle!! New manger to be announced tomorrow says the chairman, what he did’nt count on was the man you identified has seen some sense and decided to stay put! We want someone ambitious says the chairman!!! what a joke you are! 2ND best,2ND best!!! - will have to do!

Well well Hippo, has your chairman told you that Mr Ogden has taken the pi** out of you. Another ex- Vics manager has clearly seen how ambitious you are, I understand he was keen until the bombshell was dropped about the proposed budget cut once we leave- I’m not suprised he’s staying put, Leek are a bigger club anyway.<br>So who will it be then, Sean Teale,Steve Davies,Jimmy Quinn,Alvin McDonald,Dave Cooke, Mark Gardiner!! Woodley sports is your best hope, what a joke you lot are! Unibond garbage.