Sky in the social club

I’ve been asked to try and measure the popularity of having a full sky service for big matches in the social club prior to Witton games?
I’m told this would also include a new big screen (not the present 1)!

Any thoughts - would people use it if the facilities were available?

Yes, i would get down there for the lunch time kick offs on a sat, and prob stay and watch the tea time games too.

I think it might be a selling point for away supporters too if they know they can get to Wincham early and watch a premiership game beforehand, also have we looked at the 5.15pm games being shown on Setanta sports, only £9.99 a month

I think it’s a great idea. It will stop us from giving our money to the Anderton and will allow us to give it to Witton instead!

I think it’s a great idea however my understanding was that social clubs pay a small fortune for this £2,000 plus a year and therefore a lot of extra beer needs to be consumed to cover the costs. The question is whether this is achievable? I would start by finding out the exact costs and working backwards. It is commercially viable for venues like The Anderton that are open all day every day as they get lots of opportunities to pay for it. Other than live games on match days would the club pull a crowd for Sunday afternoon games rather than people going into town? Not sure.

Thats my concern too Rabbit and the reason I believe we got rid of it last time.

There is the fact that Runcorn are there to consider also ie a home game effectivley every Saturday and European games on Tuesdays etc but as you say even at half your cost price thats a lot of clear profit on pints & babyshams before it pays itself back!

Sky is a waste of money - u need the foreign channels to get all the best games each week . Both sky and the foreign channel are too expensive and some of the pubs are now ditching them. You will need a hell of a lot of people in the club to make it pay. Most people have Sky so will prefer to watch at home before coming to the game ( less earache from er in doors etc ).
As for Setanta Sports i do not think u will get it for £9.99 a month in a club. Sky sports at home £34.00 a month - in a club £600.

Good idea Neil but i do not think it would be viable.

Setanta sports is the same price in clubs as at home £9.99

Thats good Picko at &9.99 it is worth giving it a try.[br][size=1]Posted on: August 20, 2007, 05:56:21 PM[/size][hr]Another thought can u get Setanta thro a preview box which is what the club uses to get Sky Sports News

As long as your freeview has a card slot yes

Thanks Greenie. If it has a slot Neil then i think we should give it a go.

I will pay the first month with pleasure.

I will discuss with Mike tomorrow.Thanks folks

Neil If the preview box in the social club does not have slot , they are selling Setanta boxes in Aldi from 30th Aug for £44.99 which includes 1st months subscription plus installation.

Neil - whats the latest on Setanta Sports in the social club for Sat after the Eastwood game. ( Utd v Sunderland )

I spoke to Mike last night - after looking into it further its not deemed viable to have sky including Santena in the club.

The sky costing is ridiculous and santana which Jim himself investigated, was also seen as too costly.

I’ve just seen this on the Setanta website:

I am a commercial customer, can I subscribe to Setanta Sports on Freeview?
Sorry, our Setanta Sports on Freeview is currently only available to residential customers at this time.

A couple of places I’ve watched it must be being a bit naughty then

What a complete and utter waste of time for a debate, did noone think to look into the costings before asking Neil to post? >:(

Andy makes a fair point, seems a bit daft to post on here asking for everyone’s opinion on it, and then when everyone turns round and says ‘yeah brilliant let’s do it’, the club turn round and say ‘silly idea, too expensive’!!!

Have the prices gone up since Neil’s initial post?! :-X

I’m afraid from the off, that given the poor response generally from anything like this that has been attempted before, then any sort of subscription system would be throwing good money down the pan.

Maybe now though, after watching part of the Liverpool match on Tuesday through the terrestrial "snowy pictured" ITV that someone can at least get to grip with the Digital Freeview - fairly simple - System that is already in place and maybe just try re-installing and see if that will bring back what I’ve been informed are "missing channels".