Social Club

Just out of interest, is the social club going to be open tonight? There are potentially going to be 4000 football fans in the area watching Liverpool Reserves vs United reserves at the Mike Connett Arena. Surely this is/would be an opportunity to get some people in OUR social club ???

I’m sure this will of been discussed at last night’s Board meeting.

Let’s hope so

I hope it is open as i wouldn’t mind a pint before the game, and i’m not buyin one over the canal!

Witton Social Club opens at 6pm.

I hope u are not paying to get in over at the canal Robbo ?

My Dad’s paying for me… :wink:

That’s £10 for Conman then ?

You know him better than that!! He’s staying in as usual.

I’m taking the little 'un. You have to forego politics when the kids wanna go somewhere… ::slight_smile:

Dad of the year! :wink:

Child abuse !