'Sons of Albion'

Does anybody know if it would be possible to get a copy of this book anywhere? Times like these need things to cheer us up!

Try the author himself ,Mr.Hespall.

how do you contact him? i would like a copy as there is a photo of my great grandfather in it

it might be worth trying the club shop.

i asked in the shop a couple of years ago.is it not possible to get this book reprinted as i know alot of wittoners who would like a copy

B) There are copies available on e-Bay from time to time.

I managed to get two copies from the man himself a couple of years ago, my sons love them.

WHS, I don’t suppose you have an address to contact him?

He lives at Barnton in a bungalow not far from Oakwood Lane but on the other side of the road, you should get his address from that in the telephone directory.

back on again.

LP it will be worth asking in the office this afternoon,
iam sure they will be able to supply you with the info
that you require.

Big thanks to the kind Wittoner that lent me a copy of this book at the match yesterday.

Have received the sad news from Eric Finnegan at lunchtime today, that the “Sons of Albion” author Mr George Haspell passed away last night.

I would like to offer my condolences to his family at this sad time.

very sorry to hear that wheels, george was an old school wittoner.
rip george.

Very sad news indeed, I didn’t know the man personally but from what I’ve heard he was a well respected Wittoner. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

A really nice guy who loved the Albion to bits. His book is a superb history of the Albion and a fantastic legacy for all those who follow in his footsteps.

Very sad to hear of Mr Haspells passing, a real gentleman who loved the Albs!!

Saddened to hear the news. When I got my two signed copies from him a year or two ago he was on fine form and we chatted for an hour or so about the old days, he really knew all about the Albs.

very much regret the news. sons of albion will always take pride of place on my bookshelf.

Sad to hear about George who was a great sportsman in his younger years and a guy along with the late Vin Conneely who could talk about our great club all day long.
His “Sons of Albion” book ranks alongside Dickens, Shakespeare, and all the rest as a classic to me and it should be made compulsory to study it in schools!!
Seriously though it is an excellent book and a great read even if you’ve read it loads of times before!!My sincere condolences to George’s family and close friends.