Spenny Fiasco

Anybody know the outcome of todays meeting ?<br><br>The whole thing is a blight on Non-league and the Unibond in particular. [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif]

Laughable isn’t it Me.<br><br>I havent seen anything anywhere as yet, wondering if its a "we’ll let them know in writing" job again? Hence the 2 day wait?<br>Correct me if anyone knows any different.

[quote]Anybody know the outcome of todays meeting ?

[smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif][/quote]<br>This is the official statement on the www.unibondleague.com website. <br><br>Have to say that in quite a few other leagues, if a club had failed this many games, it would be out on it a**e by now.<br><br>[quote]Spennymoor United - League Statement 11/04/2005

Spennymoor United were NOT expelled from the League at yesterday?s Board meeting in Altrincham and are expected by the League to fulfil their fixture at home to Prescot Cables on Tuesday 12th April.

As Spennymoor United did not have a representative at the meeting, the League are currently in the process of informing Spennymoor United of the full details of the outcome of that meeting.

The League will not be making any further statement until Noon, Tuesday 12th April via the official website

Spennymoor do indeed survive, is it a stay of execution? i dont think so, i believe all will be done to help them survive<br><br>Pains me to say it but i feel that if we took aside our hatred for them then we would want any other team to survive would we not?<br><br>Yes they have been a joke but it does seem to me that one man, and one man only is trying to destroy them, so to be fair action should be taken but perhaps against him, he is a business man,m dodgy one but still, not a football man<br><br>Lets not forget that eh<br><br>Is a shame from our play off point of view though, lets just keep playing the way we have and hope for the best!!<br><br>Bring on Bamber!!!

Surely in these circumstances an emergency meeting can be called a lot sooner than the 24th??? The Unibond League are being laughed at not only by one man from the North East but but the rest of football!!!

Isn’t our chairman on the management committee of the league? <br><br>I suggest any postings by directors slagging the league off should be rerouted through the chairman.<br><br>Knowing the NPL we could get a fine for it!

Firstly - Mike Worthington is not on the League Management Committee etc.<br><br>Secondly I’ve just received this via e-mail from the UniBond League:-<br><br>"THIS STATEMENT IS MADE AS SPENNYMOOR UNITED HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF YESTERDAYS<br>DECISIONS OF THE LMC. NO FURTHER STATEMENT WILL NOW BE MADE BY THE LEAGUE.<br><br><br>At a meeting held at Altrincham on Sunday 10th April 2005 Spennymoor United<br>were fined the sum of ?1000 on each of the three charges of failing to<br>fulfil league fixtures against Leek Town, Bridlington Town and Radcliffe<br>Borough. The club also had three points deducted from their playing record<br>for each of the three offences bringing the total number of points deducted<br>to twelve as Spennymoor already had three points deducted for failing to<br>fulfil their first fixture against Leek Town. In addition, Spennymoor United<br>were ordered to pay the sum of ?200 in respect of costs incurred by<br>Bridlington Town and the League for the Bridlington Town fixture. The points<br>deduction will be shown in the league table and marked ?subject to appeal.?<br><br>The club were not expelled from the League and have been informed they are<br>expected to fulfil their fixture against Prescot Cables on Tuesday 12th<br>April. The League wish to give Spennymoor United every opportunity to<br>complete their fixtures in order they may be in a better position to regroup<br>at the end of the season and honour their responsibilities not only to the<br>League but also to fellow member clubs who suffer financially, logistically<br>and administratively each time Spennymoor United fail to fulfil a fixture.<br><br>END"<br>

What a load of rubbish! There is no chance they will complete the remainder of their fixtures. As we have already seen (the clue is there for all to see UNIBOND) they will not be able to field a team for the majority of teh remaining fixtures. So what happens come April 24th when the chairman decide? If they are voted out i am sure mad man will appeal. If not and they survive again will they be able to complete the fixtures before April 30th?<br><br>My suggestion is simple, although probably not allowed by the FA, teams should kick off as per arranged fixture even if Spennymoor are not there and the gamne should be abandoned as soon as the ball crosses the line and a goal is scored(hopefully). <br><br>I can hear some of you saying what about when Spenny moor are the home team at their ground, well thats the interesting part they don’t own the ground the council do, hence why Bishop Auckland have no problems getting on the ground and using it.<br><br>As is stands allowing them to stay in the league or expelling them is going to delay the end of season play offs with time consuming appeals. <br><br>Something has to be done by either the FA or Unibond because the whole issue is becoming a laughing stock, which is devaluing this league.

Big Thanks to the Unibond League for a predictably weak decision. What happens about the Marine game they missed? They have no intention of going to Prescot or any away game I don’t think.

Just looked at the UniBond site, as I can’t sleep cos I’ve got the referees watch and its stopped at 2 minutes after 90 and it’s too early for me to go to beddie byes.<br><br>SHOCK - HORROR - Spennymoor v Prescot Cables - POSTPONED (No actual reason stated though & nothing on Spennymoor’s Forum) <br><br>So that’s totally torn to shreds any sort of leniency agreement that the Moors acting Manager promised the League prior to them issuing their second statement yesterday.<br><br>I’ve now also been informed that the League Chairmans Meeting - originally scheduled for April 24th has now been put back to May 23rd.<br><br>Gawd knows how they can possibly finalise the season now!<br><br>

Unibond website at 12 o’clock<br>Spennymoor unable to raise a team<br>What the hell is going on, they are making a mockery of our league<br>What do the sponsors think of the league management, how many chances are they going to give them<br>saying they are unable to throw them out<br>A total and utter load of rubbish<br>Well rant now over<br>We will have to wait and see again! again! and again ??

23rd May?!?!?!?!? So the league will finish but the playoffs can’t be played until Spennymoor play all their games or are thrown out? So does that mean the season could stretch into June?

The league are aware of that thing called a "transfer deadline" arent they?<br><br>If they couldnt get a team last week, and now this week I cant see much changing…other than the amount of people laughing at the league and the people running it.

??? Hear that Spenny’s re-arranged fixture at Leek tonight (Thursday) is likely to be another casualty.<br><br>Although it’s a little difficult to second-guess what the Unibond League are up to with deferring resolving this ongoing problem until 23rd May, what’s the likelihood of the League eventually deciding not to expunge Spennymoor’s results - and instead awarding a 3-0 default win to their opponents in all of The Moors’ unfulfilled league games?

I don’t think it would be fair to award default points to the clubs who have yet to play Spenneymoor the only way to do this is by expunging their results thus offering no advantage to any club

As fully expected Spennymoor can’t yet again raise a team for tonights match at Leek [smiley=ranting.gif]<br>How long are the so called league management going to put up with this [smiley=ranting.gif]<br>Surely the chairmen of the clubs in this league can force a special meeting before the date set, as it is getting more of a joke every day [smiley=ranting.gif]<br>Come on you other teams what do you think about this fiasco??? [smiley=ranting.gif]<br>Comments welcome

Just a thought, why not send an e mail to the unibond site and ask them whats going on, I sent one last week didn’t get a reply but if enough write maybe they will be pushed into doing the obvious sooner rather than later.

if the record is to be removed it has got to happen before the end of the season. There are to many issues affecting the top and bottom of the league because of spennymoors inability, and the Unibonds lack of urgency regarding this matter.

Good discussion. Expunge the records? <br><br>How about the teams that have played Spennymoor already and encountered bookings and sendings off for which players were later suspended. This robs a team of vital players for future games.<br><br>What about teams who travelled to Spenny say in mid-week, got beat and also had their performances affected on the following Sat by the gruelling journey and/or the disappointing result.<br><br>Teams that have played Spenny will have obviously played more games in the season than others - this takes it toll on players performances as we have seen in recent games. Imagine playing say, Burscough on a Sat after they had a scheduled mid-week game up at Spenny only for them to have that game postponed - hypothetical but possible.<br><br>Perhaps a pro-rata compensation of points based on Spenny’s performance home and away?<br><br>Not an easy one to solve properly, but I guess the League will have to do the simple thing.<br><br><br>

You can’t go back on those things Remote Red so you just have to expunge the records & deal with it.