Spennymoor kicked out of Cup

From today’s Northern Echo<br><br>Spennymoor owner Benny Mottram is planning an appeal to the Football Association after Moors were kicked out of the UniBond League Presidents Cup yesterday - and the club is also facing relegation unless their ground is improved.<br><br>Mottram was summoned to a League management meeting in Altrincham to answer a charge of failing to fulfil the Presidents Cup tie at Witton last Sunday, and, as well as being expelled from the competition, Moors were fined ?500 and ordered to pay Witton ?280 compensation.<br><br>Mottram said: "The UniBond League are a law unto themselves.<br><br>"They’ve gone against FA rules, which state that no club should be compelled to play on a Sunday.<br><br>"Does that mean they’re above God? They’ve also gone against the Employment act relating to working on a Sunday.<br><br>"I intend to appeal to the FA, because I’m very dissatisfied with the decision."<br><br>Moors are also facing enforced relegation from the UniBond League Premier Division unless they improve their ground on 19 issues.<br><br>The UniBond League inspected the Brewery Field five months ago and made several recommendations, including the provision of a covered walkway from the dressing rooms to the pitch.<br><br>But the League took Mottram to task yesterday, and told him unless the improvements were carried out, then they would be fined ?250 for each offence, and be forcibly relegated from the Premier Division if the work isn’t done.<br><br>"I intend to carry out the work," said Mottram.<br><br>However, it isn’t clear yet what would happen to Brewery Field tenants Bishop Auckland should they escape relegation and the work isn’t carried out, but there is a possibility that they could also be forcibly relegated for the second time in four seasons.

Bearing in mind nothing has been officially released to either club concerning the title of this subject. However if any of it is true you do have to ask what planet is this guy on?<br><br><br><br>So far we have had the harassment act (from my understanding this is a course of action on 2 or more occasions that causes alarm or distress), employment act(hmm how does that apply to people getting expenses only?), FA rules (sure i saw live football on the tv yesterday) and now God (well thats a debate in itself isn’t it depending on whether you believe it exists or not) as excuses.<br><br><br>Mr Mottram i suggest you get your house in order, by doing so you would not have the Unibond or anybody else on your back would you?<br>

Not sure what the guys on but I certainly don’t want any!

::slight_smile: Pritch: Reckon if you were on twenty grand a week, you’d agree to play on a Sunday! <br><br>P*ss poor excuse for Spennymoor not to fulfil the fixture on 6th March especially if any of their players are already playing Sunday football for other clubs!<br><br>[quote]TheFA.com
Football on Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas Day

  1. No Club, Player, Official, Referee or Assistant Referee shall be compelled to participate in football on Sundays, Good Friday or Christmas Day, except that:

(a) membership of or participation in Sunday football shall be taken as consent to play on Sundays, except when Christmas Day be on a Sunday;

(b) registration as a player under written contract for a Club in membership of The FA Premier League or The Football League shall be taken as consent to play on Sundays unless otherwise provided for in the contract[/quote]<br><br>[quote]

So far we have had the harassment act (from my understanding this is a course of action on 2 or more occasions that causes alarm or distress), employment act(hmm how does that apply to people getting expenses only?), [i]FA rules (sure i saw live football on the tv yesterday)[/i] and now God (well thats a debate in itself isn’t it depending on whether you believe it exists or not) as excuses.

[/quote]<br>P.S. I see that Spennymoor got tonked 4-1 in their Durham Cup match on the Tuesday night.<br>

Spennymoor were due to play us tonight, but surprise, surprise we had a call at 4.30 to say they couldn’t raise a team.<br><br>Looks like they’re heading for being kicked out of the League.<br><br>Pity it was so late our pitch was playable we could have played you guys tonight! :smiley:

Right - so what the hell is the excuse this time? Illegal to make them play on a Monday night now because the players have already put in 7.5 hours work today?<br><br>Seriously, I don’t imagine it’d make a difference if they were kicked out of the league because the way they’re going, it’s not looking like they’ll complete the season anyway.<br>

Maybe they could try and use the boom town rats greatest hit as an excuse?<br><br>Is it mothering monday?<br><br>What a joke - 4.30pm, ridiculous.<br>Feel sorry for all the Leek fans and officials who will turn up for the match, especially as they have got their pitch playable.

Absolute idiot Mottram. I thought he’d pulled the plug anyway so whats it to do with him?<br><br> I think they should be kicked out cos’ they are making a mockery of the league. Teams struggle all the time like they have put they still turned up to matches even if it was with a reserve side. <br> Bridlington had something like 10 players out when they came to us in October due to a virus. They appealed for it to be called off and lost the appeal but still came & played us. Good riddance if you ask me.

Just read the Spennymoor’s forum and they are now complaining about having to play on Mondays and Thursdays, not sure what religious groups have services on these days.

Spennys manager and his assistant have now walked out, should be interesting to see if they get a team together for Mondays game.

I have been informed that Spennymoor United have lodged an appeal to the Football Association re their removal from the President’s Cup.<br><br>This means that the scheduled First Leg of the Final due to be played on Monday April 11th is now only a provisional fixture. <br><br>Depending on the outcome of the appeal then Albion are now scheduled to host either Spennymoor in the Semi-Final or Bamber Bridge in the Final on April 11th.

Appeal on what ground though? They never officially complained about the fixture so they have no grounds IMO. By not complaining it indicated they were happy with the date. There turning the club into an even bigger joke than it already is.

Speenymoor couldn’t raise a team tonight for a HOME game [smiley=ranting.gif]

::slight_smile: From the Unibond League website…<br><br>[quote]FA Dismiss Spennymoor United Appeal To League Cup Ruling 07/04/2005

After a hearing at York City FC today (Thursday) the FA dismissed Spennymoor United?s appeal against the UniBond League?s decision to remove the club from the President?s Cup competition due to the failure of Spennymoor to play the semi final tie at Witton Albion on the 6th March.

The First Leg of the Presidents Cup Final between Witton Albion and Bamber Bridge will be played at Witton on Monday 11th April, kick off 7:45pm with the return at Bamber Bridge on Tuesday 26th April. [/quote] <br>

Just to confirm the previous posting. I have this afternoon received a call from the League Secretary confirming that we will be playing the 1st leg of the Final v Bamber Bridge this coming Monday evening.<br><br>Phil Chadwick<br>Football Secretary<br>WITTON ALBION FC

Good News. Lets hope the league do the right thing on Sunday.