Spennymoor resign from league

It is understood that Benny Mottram, chairman of UniBond League Premier Division club Spennymoor United, has pulled the plug and has resigned from the league. <br><br>This follows Thursday night?s postponement of the scheduled game with Bridlington Town when Mottram informed the league that the Moors were unable to field a team when, in fact, caretaker bosses Phil Brumwell and Stuart Niven had a full squad available and ready to play at the Brewery Field. <br><br>Mottram is obviously still reeling from being fined and docked three points by the UniBond League for failing to show up for the game at Leek Town on March 14th. <br><br>Spennymoor?s decision to pull the plug will have a devastating effect on the league standings in terms of promotion and relegation. <br><br>Leaders Workington, for example, have beaten the Moors twice, scoring ten in the process, so it will be interesting to see what decision the league makes, although in reality they have no option but to call their earlier matches null and void, and that would give a big advantage to Hyde United, who have only played them once and were due to host them at Ewen Fields on April 23rd. <br><br>THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT AN APRIL FOOL!!<br><br>Taken from the non league news<br>

FYI - Should and I MUST REPEAT SHOULD Spennymoor fold and their record be expunged then I’ve seen this on Bridlington’s site. I’ve updated the current league table records to include last night’s results. Interesting or what??<br><br>Workington 35 72<br>Hyde United 34 71<br>Whitby Town 32 66<br>Farsley Celtic 34 64<br>Leek Town 34 53<br>Prescot Cables 34 52<br>Burscough 32 51<br>Witton Albion 33 50<br>Guiseley 33 50<br>Radcliffe Borough 35 50<br>Matlock Town 32 47<br>Lincoln United 36 46<br>Wakefield-Emley 34 40<br>Marine 35 36<br>Ossett Town 35 35<br>Frickley Athletic 33 34<br>Bridlington Town 35 30<br>Gateshead 31 30<br>Bamber Bridge 34 29 <br>Blyth Spartans 32 29 <br>Bishop Auckland 32 25<br>

Leek T v Spennymoor Utd - OFF 03/04/2005 <br><br><br>Monday’s Premier Division fixture between Leek Town & Spennymoor United has been postponed due to the inability of Spennymoor United to field a team. <br><br><br>The above is taken direct off the UniBond Site<br><br>ENOUGH SURELY IS ENOUGH NOW!!!

Quite right Chad, they must go.<br>How on earth is the situation to get any better too when the deadline has now passed!?

I’m amazed the unibond are waiting until next Sunday to get together, this means other clubs are still in limbo about if they have a game or not, I haven’t looked at the fixtures but what are the team that are due to be playing against them on Saturday supposed to do? make preperations ‘just in case’ Spennymoor do decide to turn up.

Just had a quick look, they have a game Thursday too, so another two teams being messed about, come on Unibond get it sorted NOW!!! Surely a decision has already been made, why wait another week?

Whether they resign or not now should be entirely irrelevant - the only decision the Unibond have left to make is WHEN they throw them out, not if.<br><br>I have seen on websites of clubs playing them over the next week advising fans NOT to travel to the Spennymoor game; it really does take the p.<br><br>

Just to surprise you all - NOT - Spennymoor have pulled out of today’s match at Marine. Unable to field a team again is the same lame excuse offered.<br><br>One has to question why they bothered therefore to play the match at their own ground on Thursday.<br><br>UniBond LMC Meeting task tomorrow has surely now been made even simpler<br>

You are right Chad - the decision can’t be a tough one at all. Don’t bottle it fellas.<br><br>As for last Thursday being cynical but I wonder if someone saw a last chance to get a bit of cash in with a good gate in a derby game? The gate of 131 must have blown that out the water. :-/