Spennymoor Withdraw

Spennymoor have informed the league that they will not be fulfilling their remaining fixtures (from unibondleague.com).<br><br>This leaves the league no alternative other than to remove Spennymoor’s playing record, although that has not officially been confirmed yet, and won’t be for some time.

Mike, I actually emailed the Unibond League asking the question why they weren’t doing anything about the Spennymoor farce.<br>I got this reply this morning: <br>Quote<br>"The league can only act within its own rules and if a club does not resign a long process needs to be implemented which involves all clubs. The league hoped that Spennymoor would not force this particular course of action"<br>So I don’t know what there next move will be

This is the full Unibond report:<br>Following their failure to fulfil the scheduled midweek fixtures against Prescot Cables and Leek Town, Spennymoor United have now informed the League that they will not be completing their fixtures for the remainder of the season. This leaves nine games unplayed ? Leek Town and Prescot Cables (both home and away), Bridlington Town and Radcliffe Borough (both home), Hyde United, Lincoln United and Marine (all away). The League?s Board of Directors are to meet on Sunday, 24th April to consider how these games will be treated in the fairest possible manner to all Premier Division member clubs. The Board will also consider what further action may be taken against Spennymoor United FC.<br>I would like to bet that they won’t remove all the results from spennymoors record<br>I think that they will have a committee formed to predict what the scores would likely to be, Like a pools panel<br>Because certain clubs that are well involved in the promotion area, have people on the management board.<br>Watch this space [smiley=ranting.gif]

Having just read that myself is this not virtually them pulling out the league. "we aint playing again" in what other way can that be interpreted?<br><br>

How could a "pool’s panel" predict results in this league?<br>So many results are unpredictable, the referees are so influential in a bad way every game, and specifically Spennymoor’s missed fixtures would have been played with wholly unpredictable team line-ups and player attitudes.<br>The only fair process is to delete all spenny results and accept that as a final answer.

It is interesting that the talk is of how ‘these games’ will be treated, not of how ALL Spenny’s games will be treated. ?Obviously that is what they are focusing on and they don’t want to remove the results of games that have already taken place, just want to sort out who gets the points for the ones left. [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=ranting.gif]

Pools panel. Are the league kidding? That is about as unfair as you could get. Lets gift points to Leek, Radcliffe, Bridlington etc for doing nothing & having the luck of playing them at the end of the year.