Does anyone know who won last night so I can put it on the main site please?

The best one that I have been told is BRITANNIA CARPETS as stadium sponsors

The Britannia Stadium has a "ring" to it!!! Well it has to be better than the "Bargain Booze" Stadium.!!<br>WHS

But Bargain Booze paid 2 grand a year for it!

Surprised and slightly disappointed that the respective sponsors names haven’t been posted yet.<br><br>I believe it was Danny Keogh - Benny’s previous assistant manager- firm that is the main shirt sponsor. Not all together certain of their name something like Sports Management<br><br>Also that Afford Vehicle Rental I think are also part of the kit sponsors.<br><br>Reserve team sponsors drawn out were Blue Arrow.<br><br>There are another two winners, aside from the wonderful "Britannia Carpets Stadium ? ;D ;D ;D" but apart from Steve Hardy (Last season’s Reserve team manager) business being drawn out can’t remember the names and exactly what they were sponsoring.<br><br>The draw system was a very good idea and we were told over 200 took part so that’s ?10,000 minimum before a ball was kicked.<br><br>New strips also revealed - 4 lovely ladies showing the various items off. New away kit yellow & black this time around.<br><br>Hopefully someone in the know will come on soon and gives us the rundown, unless they are intending the info to go on the new website, that’s due to commence very shortly!! ?

Be positive please Rob. Ten grand is a hell of an achievement, without the overhead of a commercial manager.<br><br>Did you manage to sell many tickets to your previous contacts?

The winners of the draw were:-<br><br>Reserve team kit - Blue Arrow<br>Family Stand - Heads Recruitment<br>1st team shorts - Afford Rent A Car<br>1st team shirts (rear) - Slick Moves<br>1st team shirts (front) - Sports Equipment<br>Stadium - Britannia Carpets<br><br>Benny did a brilliant job in selling 200 tickets; all we’ve got to do now is to sell the partiipants some more sponsorship/advertising etc.<br><br>Cheers<br><br>Mark

I think it was a marvellous effort to sell 200 tickets. If memory serves me correctly we did try the idea some years ago and it fell very flat. So well done to Benny for making it work this time around. How many other management teams have actually put that much effort into fund raising for the club? Not many I suspect!!

Andy, <br><br>Was only commenting that Bargain Booze was a good sponsor for the club. Every sponsor is good for the club. I think it is an excellent return, congratulations to all involved. <br><br>But I don’t think ?10000 is the net return. More work needs to be done to ensure a successful season. <br><br>Incidentally Benny dealt with all the contacts from previous years, with some success I understand.