Sportsman's Dinner

Witton’s next Dinner has FRANK BRUNO as their next speaker.<br><br>Friday 23 February 2007 at Civic Hall Winsford.<br><br>Tickets from G Edgeley.<br><br>

GE, can you just confirm ticket prices for me please. Thanks.

Tickets are ?40 each with a 10% discount on each seat for a table of 10 or more.<br><br>Currently I have 201 seats taken. Capacity is 400.<br><br>GE<br>

Graham, I will want a table from Hartford Social and also a table for my brother from newbury data again. Hopefully will see you on boxing day I was going to suggest another couple of tickets on the top table going up for auction again?

Graham:<br><br>OK. Gaz Y has booked a table (don’t know if he’s connected with your group??).<br><br>The auction is a great idea - can I leave it to you to organise please.<br><br>GE<br><br>PS: Anyone else reading this & wants to book tickets please get in touch.<br>

Gaz Y has nothing to do with the two tables I want Graham, Also do we know who the comedian is going to be yet?

Charlie Hale.<br><br>GE<br>

Now that Christmas is over - a quick reminder to all Wittoners to tell all your contacts about the Sportsman’s Dinner (ladies welcome too) with Frank Bruno.<br>The takings from this will go a long way to maintaining Jim’s budget (and some).<br><br>Call me on 41549 to order tickets.<br><br>GE<br><br>

If anyone fancies going and they haven’t got themselves sorted for a table then give me a shout. I have 14 people now and am looking to get it up to 20 (i.e. 2 Tables).

The downside is you’ll have to watch Robbo, Yox and my old fella eat!

If you’ve ever been to Chester Zoo you know what I’m saying! ;D

Whoa Whoa Whoa!! At least me and Yox don’t have to put our dentures in to eat Andrew :wink:

Just wanted to add a word of thanks to GE for working so hard last night he was running around all over the place to make the night a success WELL DONE GRAHAM

Well done to Graham, Marj, Laura and Kate who again hosted and organised a very succesful event on behalf of OUR football club.