squad v radcliffe

Given the loss of 2 players recently and rumours of 2 more ? plus upcoming suspensions, a couple of questions,<br><br>when and how long are pritch and tom spearitt suspended for<br>how will we cover for them ?<br>is there any news-rumours of any transfer targets, we look particularly light at centre back, right full back, centre mid and a striker ? reserves look very good but not sure we have that many ready for the step up yet to unibond prem .<br>has any one seen griff jones, saw our reserves play them and didnt see anyone outstanding ?

Far as I know Pritch & spearitt miss saturdays game.<br>Pinch is in hospital with appendicitis.<br>Is hughessi fit?

the reserves have already supplied Andy parkinson, Mike Cartner and Brett walker to the first team . Andy and Mike have played and Brett has been understudy to JK in the FA cup games. There are others on the fringe but their development is important before they are introduced to the Unibond standard.

cj you talk some crap… >:(

Geast thanks for your informed and intelliegent response :slight_smile: not sure quite what you mean, if its about griff jones i was replying to neils comments that he came from barnton, but apparrently he didnt he came from alty, so your point was ? [smiley=dunno.gif] ps and i wawsnt saying our reserves were not good enough but that barnton were.

Just to put the record straight:<br><br>Griff Jones’ last club was Altrincham - he was previously with BARNsley (not Barn - ton!!).<br><br>Mark Jones and Andrew Hurst have signed today - another tomorrow. <br><br>John Stannard has been released - Cheers John for your many stints at Witton.<br><br>GE<br>

just to say all the best to john Stannard.<br>

Stannard, quality player released but never forgave him for kissing my wife to be in celebrations after winning the cheshire senior cup in 96 against Hyde. Good luck any way.

why let a good player in Cheggers go when we are already light on the ground regarding players. why?

Because he wanted to leave. We can’t keep hold of players who don’t want to stay.

has any one seen griff jones[/quote]<br>You saw him last year. He played one game for Whitby Town, and he scored at your place!<br>That was his only game for us. The irony!