Stats on Frickley Athletic

They have not won a game yet this season in the league. They have managed just 3 draws at home so far and are stuck at the bottom of the league. You would say we should win but its never that simple espicially with us.<br><br>Interesting fact: More people are alive today than have ever died.<br><br> Always providing you with the most useful information.

flamin students!!! get a job! :wink:

Yeh flamming students! [smiley=ranting.gif]<br>Especially these ones who get an extra year by starting again… :-X

Excuse me, Get your facts right!!! Im on a 3 year course and my old one was a 4 your course so my year of leaving will still be 2007!

bloomin pedantic students!!! :wink:

Its called attention to detail :stuck_out_tongue:

Attention to detail, now where have I heard that before! :wink:

I don’t know but I am worried now! :o