Sticky Vicky can you read this

Well this is for the benefit of greenscarf, anybody who has had the misfortune of stumbling across their site will know what i am on about.<br><br>Anyway they are really concerned at the lack of postings on here, that something may have happened to us. Personally i am just taking in the whiff of what will be a successful season for ourselves, not breathing in too deeply though as there is a terrible smell from the half baked idea coming from across the canal.<br><br>Well its just gone 9 and all is well. Please anybody feel free to add to this message as our friends (sic) are really concerned by our silence.

its nice to know they care so much isnt it<br><br>if only we had been shit all season, had numerous shit managers, sacked them then replaced them with more shit managers, been relegated, then through pure fluke been saved, then we too would have something more to talk about, or whine about as they like too<br><br>as it happens we had a good season by all accounts, seem very stable in all areas and are very much looking forward to the start of the new season!!!<br><br>nearly forgot they also still have no ground!!! brilliant, u nearly feel sorry for them ;)<br><br>i did say nearly

What a pair of pricks!!! you’re not even significant to us,minor league sh*te.

Significent enough to let you use our Stadium, otherwise you would be in even more dire straights than you are already, how much are you having to borrow off your players parents? what happens if he dosen’t get a game will he tell daddy and take all the balls home?

Who said anything about borrowing!! Think you’ll find it’s a 7 figure INVESTMENT in the VICS, and as for a parent, well done, he’s also a multi millionaire businessman with string of sucessful companies. He’s cleary seen the potential at the VS and his decision is a business one only. You lot are about to drown in a big green tidal wave, BYE BYE BYE ,THE FUTURE IS BLEAK. wafc RIP

It would have to be a seven figure fee for the amount you lot are in debt. Congratulations, good luck and goodbye. Read as much as you like into the GOOD BYE bit as you like

Think you will find that when the grant money comes through it won’t be going back in NVFC’s coffers

FE FI FO FUM I SMELL THE BLOOD OF WITTON SCUM, FO FUM FE FI WITTON ALBION ARE ABOUT TO DIE.<br><br>NVFC 4EVER (Grant money will be through soon, feeling bitter eh!) The green tidal wave is about to sink u!!!

HO HO HO GREEN GIANT! I think i remember that being used in a commercial a few years ago. Anyway shall we all change our name to Jack?<br><br>He will take about a week to reply to that the Vics fans brain is that thick and dense from all the inbreding.

Big words Prick4, sounds like you’ve fallen off your beanstalk!!!

Just reading some old posts! I wonder if the Jolly Green Giant is still happy with the 7 figure investment by the multi millionaire businessman!!