Superstar turns up for training!!

You will never believe who turned up for training today at Hartford? I can’t say too much at present, until he actually signs, but he will be the best signing the club has ever made

give us a clue? age? previous clubs? position? ???<br>

I daren’t unless it falls through, You will have to watch them training on Tuesday night to see if he turnd up

Come on you cant leave it like that! who is it give us a clue

Superstar? ::)<br>err…Elvis!! :o<br><br>Oh no…he’s dead! :-X<br><br>Still, i suppose you could put him in the back four, still be faster than Pritchard was!!! [smiley=banane.gif]

age - 30<br>Previous clubs - Southport, Witton albion<br>Position - centre half<br>Weight - 25 stone<br><br>Hope this helps. :-*

is it stevie gerrard, thats why contract talks have broken down

its the one and only GAZZA

It`s maradona, i heard he had lost some weight ;D

Its Pele… hes come out of retirement ;D

Arthur Albiston?

Billy The Fish or Roy Race