Supporters Team League

Hi,<br> <br>This is a formal invitation for you to join a North West regional football supporter?s league (which may be affiliated in some way to the IFA). The website can be found HERE .<br><br>Dependant on the numbers responding to this suggestion positively it may consist of home and away fixtures against all teams or just whatever games you can fit in with a cap on the number of matches per season. It is also hoped a cup competition may be sorted.<br><br>There will be 3 points awarded for a win, 2 points for a win on penalties and 1 point for a draw. There will also be 2 points for hosting a tournament and a further 2 points for its winners.<br><br>Players will only be able to play for one club per season, unless the opposition on the day is a player short in which case an exception will be made. Each team is allowed a 25 man squad.<br><br>All that would be required is for you to fill in the registration form (below) and let me know your fixtures in advance and the results and scorers in your teams games, including those from 10th July onwards this year as they will retrospectively count towards the league if both teams join up.<br><br>There will be no fee (bar a possible donation towards a trophy/medals for the winners and top scorer), and the league will hopefully have a well maintained website and newsletter.<br><br>Club Name:<br>Club Supported:<br>League:<br>Year Formed:<br>Website Address: <br>Forum Address:<br>Home Pitch:<br>Kit Colours:<br>Manager E-mail Address:<br>Manager Name:<br>Record Appearances:<br>Record Goalscorer:<br>Record Win:<br>Record Defeat:<br>Link To Team Photo:<br><br>Squad List:<br><br>1)<br>2)<br>3)<br>4)<br>5)<br>6)<br>7)<br>8)<br>9)<br>10)<br>11)<br>12)<br>13)<br>14)<br>15)<br>16)<br>17)<br>18)<br>19)<br>20)<br>21)<br>22)<br>23)<br>24)<br>25)<br> <br>Thanks for your time, and hopefully your participation,<br><br>Ryan