An interesting release on the Evostick League website that T I N (Travel Intelligence Network) under the Directorship of Mark Harris has announced that they are to become the new shirt sponsors for season 2014/15.

I’m surprised that this news has not been aired on this forum but it is significant that Mark has been very proactive in filling the void of no potential sponsor to come forward with his support.

This is a wonderful gesture by Mark who, it seems, holds our Club together (evostick pun sorry) as our Chairman & now shirt sponsor. I notice also that Mark is the contact number for the forthcoming Sportsman’s Dinner in September. Added to the family umbrella is Andrea Harris, Witton’s Secretary, and I guess that WAFC might be a topic over dinner most evenings in the Harris household.

The flip side of their admirable commitment to Witton, of course, is that (a) Mark hasn’t always been in the best of health (and I do hope that this is behind him) and (b) are they doing all this cos no one else wants to/can be bothered to?

Hopefully we will have a good season on the pitch but it does concern me where all the eggs are going…


As an Administrator GE can you have the reference to Sockshop removed from the forum front page?

GE do you honestly think it’s because nobody wants to or can’t be bothered? Unlike mark most of us don’t have the means to sponsor the club. I’d give my left bollock for Witton but you wouldn’t get much for it :pinch:

Will it be framed or mounted? Will make you an offer depending on your answer.

I think it had more to do with our ex sponsor sock shop saying no at the 11th hour Mark said he did not want to see the club not sponsored for this season.
I understand GEs point though we are very reliant on Mark and family even though lots of others put in a lot of effort.

It wouldn’t make much of an ornament either way mate so don’t waste your money :cheer: