Team for saturday

For the first time this season i believe we will have a full squad to choose from on saturday (no injuries, suspensions or holidays) so what would be our best team and formation to beat Marine. i’d go with<br><br>Gibson<br>Evans, Pritch, Furnival, Tickle<br>Barlow<br>Yates, Baker, Foy<br>Moseley, Madin/Bird<br><br>not sure on the second striker

Id have:<br>Gibbo<br>Evans, Pritch, Furnival, Tickle- we look fairly solid at the back so no contest with the defence<br>Yates, Barlow, Baker, Foy- sounds a solid midfield but perhaps lacking in a little width, have the quality in my opinion to play through the middle though<br>MM and Burton- the goals always seemed to flow more often with this pairing up front, other strikers like Bird and Madin look ok but havent scored many, isnt it time we gave him a go?

akie, m8, tell me you just made a typing error when not selecting Foy! captain and imo the best player bar MM in a witton shirt past couple of years<br><br>now correct it and all will be forgiven, you cant seriously want a striker there instead of him? :-/

i do like the selection of bertie up front tho! :slight_smile:

Burton up front your having a laff, should what a donkey,<br><br>Agree with the rest though

Gibbo<br>Salt Pritch Furnival Tickle<br>Yates Baker Barlow Foy<br>Moseley Burton<br><br>I’d usually agree with not having Burton in as he can be soooooooo lazy, but on the last two showings he’s put in double the effort that Bird has. Unfortunately for Madin, Moseley and Burton used to have an okay partnership, although I’d still drag Carl Rendall back from Runcorn (kicking and screaming, maybe!) as I always thought him and Moseley worked well together.

Can’t believe we are talking about witton, must add my views!<br><br>Gibbo<br>Salt, Pritch, Furnival, Tickle<br>Foy, Barlow, Baker, Nolan<br>Moseley, Burton<br><br>Subs:<br>Madin, Yates, Evans<br><br>Burton imo has done enough in the last 2 games to earn his chance, and to his credit has stuck around this time.<br>Probably play Nolan and Balow a little deeper, and Baker further up, I do get the feeling this may be a little imbalanced though and may lack service from wide areas (so nothing different from usual them - boom boom! :D)

wide areas is a problem as our best midfielders are certainly better suited to playing through the middle<br><br>this shouldnt stop us playing them tho as our forwards, MM in particular play better with service through the middle<br><br>MM and bertie have the skills to turn players and latch on to through balls, heading isnt really top of their talents<br><br>surprised but glad most seem to want bertie back!!! :slight_smile:

Foy isn’t a wide player at all for me and I want to see Barlow and Baker in centre midfield. Thats the problem we have with width is playing centralised players outwide.<br><br>Change my mind over my lineup<br><br>Super Gibbo<br>Salt Pritch Furnival Tickle<br>New winger Barlow Baker Madin<br>Moseley Yates

I’m amazed that people are picking Salt over Evans

Last season, I could probably understand why people prefered Evans to Salt; I was one of them until the last 10 or so games of the season.<br><br>This season, I think Evans has been sloppy; he just pings the ball forward with no direction or even looking at who is there, and does it so lazily - like he really can’t be bothered, and you can guarantee that if he gets the ball whilst defending he’ll take a guy on and lose it.<br><br>I just think on that basis, Danny at least deserves a chance in the team to see if he can do better.<br><br>Wanna join my Danny Salt fan club Jac? [smiley=cheezy.gif]

I’ll second that!<br>In his games especially chester Salty hardly put a foot wrong and provided some good passing which imo Evans isn’t doing at the moment (although he does has more pace).<br>Those lofted crosses/punt are getting on my nerves whereas Salt seemes to side foot his passses more and find peoples feet.

im changing me mind and joining the ‘bandwagon’ to get salty a start, having thought about it he has done enough, along with bertie to warrant a starting place<br><br>i do like evans but hes not on top of his game at the moment so cmon salty!