Thank you Witton Albion

I’d like to offer my thanks for a huge amount of entertainment this season.<br>To all the players, the management and all the volunteers who make it happen.<br>Of course there’s been some disappointment but that’s football, and life!<br>But what about the good stuff?<br>That night at Altrincham.<br>The camaraderie and banter, especially at away games.<br>The superb football we can and do play.<br>The best pies in the league (although that home made steak one at Ilkeston was good!)<br>Non league football is always a rollercoaster ride,<br>think of the refs,some of the pitches, the postponements, the fixture backlog, the injuries.<br>We’ve had some serious setbacks, Adam’s injury, the Lally incident and aftermath, the decimation of the midfield when Rob Lloyd went back as Liam and Ste got injured.<br>But we’ve got lots to look forward to so stay positive.<br>How anyone can slag off our own boys whilst watching the sheer physical effort of recent times is beyond me.<br>I’m an adopted Wittoner and proud of it.<br>Brian Pritchard just amazes me!<br>Good luck today, let’s end on a high note and don’t forget…<br>We’ve got Jim Vinceio!!!

An excellent post - yes I’ve throughly enjoyed the season.<br>That night at altrincham was superb.<br>Onwards and upwards.

even though we will be dissapointed not to make the playoffs we have won two trophies, beat 4 teams from the division above us including the champions. Maybe its agood thing to be dissapointed at missing the playoffs because in all honesty we are good enough to get in them and we know it.

agree with the above posts looking forward to next season!