Thank You!

Just a quick word to say a massive thank you to all the Staff and players for making the under 8s have a great day! even the poor outcome couldnt dampen there singing (sorry bout that)<br><br>Once again thank you all ;D

No problems Si. Just sorry the result wasn’t better!!<br><br>Glad you enjoyed it; please come again!!<br><br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Yes do come again, I’d rather listen to them than some of the miserable buggers behind the goal!<br><br>Glad they enjoyed the day too, thanks to the players & especially management for co-operating too, it seemed a little easier than a similar thing was in the past!

The photo I took of the two teams can be found here<br><br>;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Note that the first team look colder than the Under 8’s! Wimps.

Pritch’s face never fails to disappoint in pictures.

you should have seen the first one then akie! :o<br><br>good job i took two!