Thanks Witton

Thought you handled last nights final very well, pitch was in good shape considering you’ve had a bunch of carthorses on it every other week, food was great and the stewarding impressive.<br><br>Have a look at the Conf 2 N forum to see a load of bitter Vics fans all upset coz we’re the pride of Cheshire and we did it at their ‘home ground’.<br><br>It really is a sad sight to see them arguing the toss and making complete and utter pillocks of themselves.<br><br>Thanks again for the hospitality…excellent pa announcer by the way!!!

Presume it was CHAD doing the pa so we’ll never hear the end of that now. ;D

Not too sure Akie, am i right in thinkin Chad is away at the moment?<br><br>so it will be someone elses head thats growing!!

If only we could have hosted last years final!!!<br><br>

It was Mark Harris doing the PA.<br><br>But I suspect Jezza knew that!! ;)<br><br>Glad we could have been of assistance, Jezza. Have to admitt, I left at 9pm because the game was so dull - it’s just not the same when your team isn’t involved!<br><br>