The FA are a Pathetic Joke

These utter imbeciles have reinstated into the league table a team that have refused to play fixtures, and have awarded 27 points to teams for games that have not been played. What an utter disgrace they are; they have turned a bad situation into a completely untenable one.<br><br>This decision is worse than a sick joke, it is beyond belief. They have made a mockery of the entire premise of a league competition.

Just like to point out that this has nothing to do with the good old Cheshire FA!! ;)<br><br>Is a shocker though, love to have been a fly on the wall when this decision was made!!! From where we are there doesnt seem any obvious arguements they could possibly have?<br><br> ???<br> :-/

There was no fair way of doing this but this wasn’t the fairest. What have Hyde & Prescot done to deserve these points? But no appeal now so Farsley & Burscough have been robbed.

Cannot believe this. <br><br> [smiley=ranting.gif]No precedent for such an action, no apparent right of appeal for the clubs who were previously content with how the whole sorry business was eventually sorted out and now a conclusion which is simply not fair on those clubs who had already played Spennymoor. This is the sort of thing which brings the game into disrepute, not the sortof action one expects from the FA itself…or is it? <br><br>I also thought I’d never say or write this, but I feel really sorry for Farsley and Burscough! :wink:

Whats that saying - you can only beat what is put in front of you!<br>In this case you get 3 points for nowt being out in front of you, absolute farce.

:-/ Have to say that I am almost glad that the Albion finished just outside the mix and as such haven’t been caught up in all this shenanigans!<br><br>I see that Burscough are the latest team to register a protest given that the revised league table leaves them in sixth place and outside of a play-off position…<br><br>[table]Revised UniBond Premier Division 2004/2005 <br>Team Name Pts <br>1 Hyde United 88 <br>------------------------<br>2 Workington 85 <br>3 Farsley Celtic 83 <br>4 Whitby Town 80 <br>5 Prescot Cables 71 <br>-------------------------<br>6 Burscough 70 <br>7 Leek Town 63 <br>8 Witton Albion 62 <br>9 Radcliffe Borough 62 <br>10 Guiseley 61 <br>11 Matlock Town 55 <br>12 Blyth Spartans 52 <br>13 Wakefield-Emley 52 <br>14 Lincoln United 49 <br>15 Marine 48 <br>16 Ossett Town 46 <br>17 Gateshead 45 <br>18 Frickley Athletic 44 <br>------------------------------<br>19 Bishop Auckland 40 <br>20 Bridlington Town 35 <br>21 Bamber Bridge 34 <br>22 Spennymoor Utd 16 <br><br><br>[/table]<br><br>

Apparently the High Court has thrown out the appeal against the FA’s decision to overturn the league ruling on expunging Spennymoor’s record (anyone still following this out there?).<br><br>It really is a shambles. All this arguing and on what I saw, none of the top five were exceptional. We outplayed Hyde twice (champions, I don’t think so…) and also took four points off both Workington and Farsley.<br><br>In the circumstances I rather have my fingers crossed for Whitby who have kept their heads down waiting for a play-off game to happen. Burscough must wonder what the point of a 42-game league programme is based on today’s verdict and had it been the Albion in their place I would just be so angry.

I take it no appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport is not going to happen then?