The Magic Song!

I realise that Robbo is without question Musical Director of the Witton Albion Supporter’s Association and has arguably created more classics than that Andy Floyd Webber character.

However with time on my hands whilst on business (stuck in foreign airports and hotels), I have adapated a popular little tune (My Old Man’s a Dustman) for potential use. Individual verses could be sung or indeed the entire thing (although remembering the words might be a problem)!

It goes without saying that Robbo may have to edit to bring up to the high ususal standard, but here goes anyway…

Brian Pritchard?s magic,
He wears a magic hat,
He went off for five stitches,
n?came back in a swimming cap,
He could have gone off early,
But Pritch is just too hard,
And if you don?t believe us,
Ask his mates at Scotland Yard!

Stevie Connors magic,
But he has got no hat,
He took one look at Pritchard,
N?said I?m not wearing that,
He could have signed for Northwich,
And played in Green n? White,
But when they came n? asked him,
He?said p*** off vics your shite!

Liam Brownhill?s magic,
But he won?t wear a hat,
He thinks it might mess up his hair,
And make him look a pratt,
He plays for us at left back
The best we?ve had in years,
He dazzles all attackers,
When they look up at his ears!

Adam Warlow?s magic,
He wears the striker?s hat,
And when he sees the matchball,
He says I?m havin? that,
He scored five past Whitby,
And he missed another few,
We?ve got a shock for Dariooooo,
He?s not coming back to Crewe!

Ohhhh Jimmy Vince is magic,
He wears the gaffer?s hat,
And when he saw the Witton job,
He said I?m havin? that,
We watch the team play every week
We?ve travelled back and forth,
Because we know this time next yearrrrrrrrrrr
We?ll be playing in the Conference North

The Witton, The Witton

Nice one, WR!

If our musical repertoire gets any more extensive, spectators behind the goal will need to be issued with hymn books!

No talent as a songwriter myself, but The Angry Mob on the Kaiser Chiefs new album is crying out for adaptation into a football song - maybe Robbo or WR could pen The Witton Mob?

Lots and lots of hats…[br][size=1]Posted on: March 02, 2007, 10:18:35 AM[/size][hr]Lets set the record straight while i’m here. I am the Lennon to Robbo’s McCartney. Look at the facts…

New songs: Created by…

Bri Pritchard, Pritchard : Greenie
Liam Brownhill is a girl: Greenie
We’ve got a right back: Robbo + Greenie
Tony Barrass, Tony Barrass: Greenie
Celebrate clean sheets: Robbo + Greenie
All you need is Lloyd: Robbo
Mike Moseley - white Pele: Greenie

Don’t be fooled by Robbo’s rhetoric!!!

We were singing that white pele song at Stamford!!

must have been fate. came to me in a vision about half way through the hednesford game. must have been the ghost of away days past…

Put your new one about Brownhill on here!

I look forward to belting that one out come Tuesday night, it’ll take me until then to learn the verses.


The new Liam Brownhill song (a Robinson/Green/Marshall production) will be rolled out on Saturday. Those of you who got a pi55ed up voicemail from us on Tuesday will know it’s worth the wait!!!

Fantastic even Paul Daniels can’t pull a hat song out of a rabbit! ;D

Greenie, I unreservedly apologise for crediting Mr Robinson with having written such classics.

"Bri Pritchard, Pritchard" and "Liam Brownhill is a girl" are imho the best two chants of the season.

Go on, give us a preview of the new Brownhill tune, you know you want to. We can all practice ahead of Ashton!

My personal favourite is "we’ve got a right back" but "Liam Brownhill is a girl" comes close.

We decided on Tuesday that the new song will stay top secret til Saturday’s game. However, i did think of a new song for JK whilst at work yesterday…

(to the tune of "Vieira, whooaaa")

JK, whoaaaa!!!

JK, whoaaaa!!!

He plays because he?s good,

Not cos his dad owns the club!![br][size=1]Posted on: March 02, 2007, 11:30:35 AM[/size][hr]And also…

You can stick your Northwich Guardian up your arse

The JK one has legs.

However the Bri Pritchard one was an attempted collaboration, you just got the line that fits Mr Green. It was a brainstorming session!!!

My favorite of my own compositions is the Lean Mean Goalscoring Machine. Although We’ve Got Jim Vince-io has become a bit of a classic…

Favorite song of the season overall is the Chris Gaghan one, which was written by the elder-statesman of footy chants, the Lonnie Donegan to our Lennon & McCartney, the wise old man of Witton Albion, the one, the only, Mr Andrew Chadwick. Cool chant Chad.

However, the new Liam one will blow everyone’s socks off - it even has it’s own dance routine!!! It will be aired on Saturday, so get yourselves to Ashton.

Oh, and how about 'Do The Guardian Know We’re Here?"?

"simpson, simpson what’s the score?"

"Kennedy, whoooaa
Kennedy, whoooaa
He’s Englands number 1
He’s not the chairman’s son"

Much better. A little help from McCartney on that one…

for those of us who are stuck in another country any chance of the song being posted on here so we can learn it for wen we r back home and following the albion home and away whilst at home :D! Come on Witton!