It is my belef we will win the games against Fleetwood, Matlock, Grantham, Radcliffe, Mossley, Whitby and Friclkey and possibly against Telford and Gateshead. The games at Hednesford and Burscough are going to be hard, but not impossible. I do believe that we will be crowned champions before the Telford game unless Matlock or Burscough do something extremely special. This is THE best Witton team in the last 15 years by far with the best goalkeeper, the best defence, the best midfield and the best attack in the league so how can we fail?

And they say we (Telford) are arrogant lol

You are!!! But if you had seen us over the last few months you would realise why some of our supporters are too!

Arrogant enough to ignore the possibility of crowd problems.

During our last 2 visits the stuff we have to endure right in front of so called stewards has been ridiculous. Obviously by having a large vocal away support we are causing a problem.

Then quelle surprise your chairman is amazed by the actions of individuals at the Kendal game- priceless!!! Ivory towers or what?

Anyway I think you should still win it, otherwise the cry - ‘20 points clear and you ***ked it up’ could reverberate around Wincham Park.

PROUD is the word to use about us Wittoners, not arrogant. We are proud that our team has narrowed the gap to the point that we are now favourites to win this league, not you. Your lads will have to go some to sta ahead of what I consider the best team we have had in the last 15, maybe even the last 25 years.

last months 442 magazine has already claimed telford as champions. I have kept it for when we become champs. The editor will get a picture of pritch with the trophy.

If 442 truly procalimed Telford as champions that was disrespectful to the rest of the teams in our league - but don’t let us make the same mistake!

Support the team with pride and passion by all means - and yes it probably is the best team we have had since we won the old NPL - but lets do it with some dignity and let the team do the talking. They do it very well !!

Could not agree more Knutsfordian that we should let the team do the talking, but if we do this web site might as well close down!!!

I would like to say well done for where you are, Witton are flying at the moment, I hope you do get automatic promotion but dropping three points against us on Tuesday (can’t be there at work) :cry: as I would love it if we got into the play offs & meet Telford, if they manage to stay in a play off place).
They are falling like a lead baloon & the fans are getting restless. ;D You should never get too confident & watch who you are calling as you go up the ladder, :wink: as you never know who you meet on the way down ::slight_smile:
Good luck for the league, but not for Tuesday. COD ARMY COD ARMY

Have always preferred Haddock myself

Don’t knock it till uv tried it ;D

Anyway Grimsby have Harry Haddock ::slight_smile:

There’s a time and a plaice for everything.

Hey stop CODding me it’s not FINy any more. I suppose it will cost a few SQUID to get to sunny F/D on Tuesday. There is a seated stand so you can sit down on your rSOLES if you find yourself in the right PLAICE after the journey.

Well done for SCALEing your way to the top of the league, I hope you do it but without the 3 points on Tuesday night, WE WANT Telford in the play offs if we can get in there & they stay in the play off PLAICES (couldn’t resist that one) ;D

I’ve been fishing for answers, but so far they’ve got away. You guys are having a whale of a time and please continue, but only one outcome - the Albs strikers/midfielders will be filling nets several times Tuesday, and that’s it - hook, line and sinker

We’ve got the best goalkipper in the league.
We’re not one of the minnows.
We play with a sense of porpoise.
Our forwards are never shellfish in front of the net.
Adam Warlow goes home via Crewe Station (crustacean get it?)
It’s late, see you all tomorrow night
Up the Albion! ;D

I wish you`ld stop Carping on ;D

ok, i’ll BITE. Nothing to do so thought I would have a little NIBBLE.

Nice to see us PERCHed at the top of the table. Not sure how long it will be. Maybe we’ll get MUSSELLed out of it in the end. One RAY of light is the STING in our attack. I’ve been HERRING that Burscough may have a whinge though. I hope they cannot say they would have won the league if they HADDOCKed points re-instated. And I bet Telford are still confident of whittLING our lead down. At least we’re not down in the BASSement of the table. TRAWLING through past tables, MARINE seemed pretty well set but made too many GAFFS by poor performances

Big game when we play Telford. I’m sure there will be a TENCH atmosphere. Perhaps WHALE-MEAT each other in the play-off anyway, unless we get knock-TROUT earlier. I wonder who will referee? Graham POLL, OK probably beneath him. Keep yer cards in yer pocket Gray!

What about the cost of promotion? Will we be SQUIDs in or will the LURE of the Conf be our undoing

Right, fed up now…

This is my first post on here and I hope you don’t mind…i’m a Telford fan!

Just wanted to wish you all the best for the remainder of the season. Not all of us fall into the arrogant category and if you do win the league you’ll have earned it the right way…by playing some great stuff.

I hope it all goes wrong for you, I really do, but the table doesn’t lie.

Here’s to a cracker on the 24th with still plenty riding on it!

Up the Bucks!!

Remaining Fixtures for the top 3 teams are as follows - HOME FIXTURES IN CAPITALS.

April 14 MOSSLEY
April 16 Gateshead
April 21 Whitby Town

April 14 Guiseley
April 28 AFC Telford United

April 21 North Ferriby United
April 24 Witton Albion

Thanks for that, i had been wondering!
April 28th looks a tad crucial.

Theoretically, we could clinch the title on Saturday at Whitby but it’s unlikely that will happen.

A win at Gateshead would put us 4 points away from the title but, we could win it by beating Whitby if both Burscough and AFC Telford fail to win their respective games.

I would expect Burscough to beat Grantham then, we all thought we would! AFC Telford’s task at North Ferriby could prove more difficult but there again, ours won’t be easy either.