Alreet Witton fans.<br><br>I can’t wait for the morn’ (even staying in of a Friday to keep a clear heed;-))<br><br>Should be a good few of us coming down. Really looking forward to it after our midweek match with Radcliffe getting called off.<br><br>Here’s to a good few beers and a chinwag with some of you guys in your social club. <br><br>And here’s to emulating the scoreline for the reverse fixture earlier in the season ;)<br><br>Haaa’waaayyyyy Blllllllyyyyythhhhhh! ;D<br><br>

save it mate theres no one here :-/

Is that appleby the lad you had in 2004?

[quote]Is that appleby the lad you had in 2004?[/quote]<br>yeah thats him.good honest lad

WE came(some of us)<br>stood around for 30,yes 30 minutes before we knew this was off<br>No signs across next match posters saying off<br>This was at 1.30.<br>All it took was a piece of A4 paper to say match off<br>Even players(i think) going in to ground had no clue(looked clueless)when I WAS asked…where you come from<br> [smiley=dunno.gif]