The Trickies

I know for one or two of us slightly older supporters it is a bit of an irritation that Conthem victoria have been calling themselves the Trickies, I was wondering (Chad) have we any written evidence of when we called ourselves the trickies all those years ago? I’m guessing not or you would have jumped on that a while ago

Hi Picko, yep it’s certainly one of my pet subjects and I know a good few other "elder statesmen" of the Wittoners brigade.

If you have a look through the "Sons of Albion" there are regular articles with "The Trickies" used as our nick-name. I’m currently inputting as many details from our very early history onto my season by season file and actually in front of me, when I read your posting, was a page taken from what I believe to be the Northwich Guardian account of our 6-0 thrashing of Crewe Alexandra in a Cheshire Senior Cup tie played on February 14th 1903. I quote:- "Full back, half back, forward, the Trickies were in great form."
Just one example I personally think how the other lot have, I think I’m right in saying, over the past few seasons suddenly latched onto the name was by the rhyming of Tricks with V**s, then along came their mascot and lo and behold we have Tricky the Cat.

Andrew Simpson is also interested in this subject - I’ve bent his ear a few times already about them using it - and I’ll copy him with this response.


I remember going to the salt museum some years ago when they did a little exibition of Northwich, Winsford and Witton history and that also mentioned Witton where in fact called the ‘The Trickies’ as during 30’s, 40’s and 50’s they were seen as the the ‘Trickiest’ team to beat in the Cheshire League.

Incidentally Chad, have you thought about getting all this info you have published maybe as a sequal to the Sons of Albion book?
Or even if we are doing another DVD this crimbo, it would be great to get yourself on there doing a section on Albion history or even picking the ultimate Albion 11, am sure your vast knowledge on this would make a fascinating watch or read.