The Wonder of You

For those too young enough to remember here are the lyrics for what at one time was an Albion terrace song:-<br><br>"When no one else can understand me,<br>When everything I do is wrong, <br>When V*cs get beat it gives me consolation,<br>You give me hope to carry on,<br><br>And you’re always there<br>To lend a hand<br>In everything I do<br>WITTON ALBION,(thats) the wonder of you.<br><br>The words do become different and hard to remember the more p1ssed you are!

Seem to remember a stirring rendition of the above, echoing along the Dane W*nk stand some years ago!<br><br>Almost brought a tear to my eye!

As a poet I can only say, "Don’t give up the day job"!!!<br>WHS.

Lyrics by E.Presley?!? Not Moi!