This is what it all boils down too

Ok yes I’m getting carried away but I haven’t been this excited about chances of promotion for 2 years!<br><br>Below is a run down of the remaining games for all the teams realistically in contention. <br><br>As stated today we do have it "all on" to make that 5th spot but we managed it last season, Chorley scraped it 2 years ago n lost the final on penalties and we are certainly in form at the moment whch can only be a good thing, AND IF spenny’s results are explunged we are cooking on gas. <br>Ok folks here goes:<br><br>Burscough 7 games<br><br>Gateshead A<br>Matlock A<br>Ossett H<br>Guiseley A<br>Bamber A<br>Gateshead H<br>Lincoln A<br><br>Witton 6 games<br><br>Guiseley H<br>Hyde H<br>Bishop A<br>Blyth H<br>Whitby A<br>Wakefield H<br><br>Leek 7 games<br><br>spennymoor H<br>Whitby A<br>Blyth H<br>Wakefield H<br>Hyde H<br>Prescot A<br>Spennymoor A<br><br>Radcliffe 6 games<br><br>Frickley H<br>Frickley A<br>Matlock H<br>Guiseley H<br>Bridlington A<br>Spennymoor A<br><br>Prescot 8 games<br><br>Marine H<br>Bishop A<br>Spennymoor A<br>Spennymoor H<br>Wakefield A<br>Leek H<br>Guiseley A<br>Blyth A<br><br>Guiseley 7 games<br><br>Witton A<br>Ossett A<br>Gateshead A<br>Radcliffe A<br>Prescot H<br>Burscough H<br>Marine H<br><br>Not sure what to make of all that really, all teams seem to have some tough games, but who knows at this stage. we made up 8 points over the last few weeks why not another 3? Take a look at the Other fixs n results page on the main site to see what a massive week it actually is. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>

Looking at Burscough’s run-in, they most definitely have it easiest. They also have a game in hand AND they are the team 3 points ahead.<br><br>Saying that, we’re the team in form and no team is going to win all remaining fixtures (although we might!!).<br><br>Must win game on Monday; no two ways about it.<br><br>Come on folks; get thee down to WP and cheer the lads on - they definitely appreciate it.<br><br> [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif]

If we win by 7 goals 2nite we go fifth"c’mon! lets be aven you"