This season

Being in the Unibond Premier is a ‘half promotion’ of sorts from last year (i.e. half the teams in our league were at a higher level last year) so I think to finish (probably with the expunging of Spennymoor’s results) 7th would be a fantastic achievement for the club, especially considering we changed manager halfway through.<br><br>The team looks great for next year, and this season can only be seen as an improvement, and another step towards a return to Conference football. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>What does everyone else think?

I’m in complete agreement, we have lost sight that we only got promotion last year. Whilst we thoroughly deserved to go up last year, we should remember that very few teams manage back to back promotions (congratulations to Hull City for adding to a rare statistic) and so a league finish of 7th is a commendable effort.<br><br>We are more than aware that at this level, football is not overly attractive but we (the faithful few) still pay our money and support the cause.<br><br>If others see in Witton what we do at present, then next season will bring more people through the gates and like a pheonix, Witton will rise once more…<br><br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>

Yeah I agree I think it has been a decent end to the season and am now looking forward to next season. <br>I think the one thing that we can say about Gary Finley is that he certainly knows where to go and get quality players which hopefully means that pre-season will see us make a few more strong signings unlike previous years!!!<br>I think for me the find of the season is Lee Spike defo the new Jim McCluskie!!! and what we have needed for years!<br><br>Things are on the up and hopefully so will the gates next season. <br>Also just llike to add that I think Pritch has been immense again this season and got my vote for player of the year, which is no disrespect to Mike Moseley because he has been fantastic too. <br><br>Role on next season and the TITLE!!!