this Thursday 7:45pm kick off - Runcorn v Witton

Mid Cheshire senior cup.<br>Runcorn linnets v Witton Reserves.<br>A crowd of 200expected from runcorn, would be good to see some witton fans.<br><br>

Would love to see Witton Albion versus Witton Reserves in the final.<br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=cheezy.gif] [smiley=cheezy.gif] [smiley=cheezy.gif] [smiley=cheezy.gif] [smiley=cheezy.gif] [smiley=cheezy.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

could that actually happen!

hope to see you tonight<br>7:45pm kick off