Time for a merger?

For debate<br><br>Two struggling teams, poor support, new ground, equal terms <br><br>For or Against ?<br><br>I’m for it

No thanks.

Likewise, a big and very definite NO!!!<br>(Debbie was maybe being too polite).

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr NOPE. Don’t want to bail you out.

Erm no.

Bail us out!! I think the post was for your benefit sunshine, gates dropping,team dropping,income dropping – simple answer witton albion RIP in three years, ask the people that know! <br>As for NVFC team struggling Evergreen, would strongly disagree with that, our current form is play off form and w/o the 10 points deducted we’d be virtually safe by now AND our team is getting stronger and will do even better next season when we go full-time. The fortunes of both teams are set to make a dramatic change!!

THe people who you think know are in your head sunshine.

What could NV offer towards the merger? they own nothing.

[smiley=nono.gif]<br><br>NEVER EVER in my book, id rather watch Witton in the mid cheshire league first, if I just wanted to watch better football then id go and watch the best in the premier league ? but I support WITTON ALBION period. And no one else will ever be good enough to replace them whatever league they are in ? the Peter Mellors of this world can watch them if they want, and then watch someone else when the merged team is not good enough for them , true fans follow there team, I trust in a few years when we sell our ground and move to a better facility than the VS with money left over then vics will want to merge again, then however maybe mr Connett will want to sell HIS assett to us? :wink:

Can’t believe these Witton fans have their heads so far up themselves.<br><br>WAKE UP! <br><br>The only way the two clubs can survive with any sembelence of financial stability is for a 50:50 share in the VS.<br><br>If the Wittless supporter would be happy to watch their team playing in the mid-cheshire league, you never know, they may just get their wish in a couple of years time.[smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif][smiley=dunno.gif]

Akie,Jac,cj - your heads are so far up your backsides you cannot see that witton are going nowhere fast. WP will not be sold in the near future, if you do sell eventually YOU WILL NOT better your current facilities, if you want proof of this look at Curzon Ashtons new ?4m stadium, not as good as WP and costs alot more then the current value of WP. The end is near for witton, NVFC are doing what many many other clubs are doing, I suppose Chelsea have nothing to offer not owning their own ground!! – heads up your backsides Im afraid, witton albion RIP in 3 years – ask the people in the know!! not in my head aike but you head is well and truly buried up your backside.

Sounds like the vics fans are getting a bit desperate to me, perhaps the only future you see is with Witton, well guys we dont need you at all, but you need us or mr connett to support you !! lets hope he doesnt pull the plug !! Witton will be fine thanks now go and abuse yourself on your web site if youre allowed to have one by your master that is ps how do you get a crap goalie a game - BUY THE CLUB of course.

witton supporter, there is a difference between merging the two clubs, and sharing a stadium<br><br>IMO i think it would be a good idea to share the VS, under a new name of course, on a 50-50 basis, nobody being tenents of the other, i know this wont find favour with most witton fans but i think financially it would make sense<br><br>i am of course totally against a merger, what kind of true fan could ever want there team to join another team? therefore creating a brand new team, we dont support them, we support WITTON!!!

There used to be a team by the name of RUNCORN ALBION - now there’s a thought!

Simmo you are talking some sense.

No good asking NVFC about groundsharing, maybe we chould ask the owner?

I am totally in favour of a merger as long as they play at Wincham Park play in red and white and change the name to WITTON ALBION

Indeed Lutkie - I never said I was against 1 team in town, my interpetation is a little different to some peoples though thats all.

Is that the democratically elected directors of v**s ???<br><br>Once again you show your true green colours - whilst at the same time taking the name of a very succesful Ex Witton player in vain.<br><br>Let us take your example which would mean that Witton would lose ?600 p.game, and again look at 30 games per season.<br><br>Wittons net loss would be around 18k per year.<br><br><br><br><br><br>If WAFC were playing at the 2 sided VS. Then that would probably mean that they had sold their existing ground & land for a figure lets say ?2.5 million pounds for debate.<br><br>Lets say that they were wise and kept ?2 million in the bank after paying debts off and various deductions.<br><br>Calculating a HIGH STREET rate of interest at 5p.c. Then WAFC would earn ?100k per annum on interest alone!!<br><br>Hardly a doom and gloom scenario from where I’m standing - But again I’m nowhere near as qualified as you at looking at figures!<br><br><br>

Since NVFC have been playing at WP upto 40% of our fans have chosen not to attend our matches, if the same thing happens to witton when they move to the VS then crowds will be down to 150 max. NVFC would want a minmum of ?2k per game off witton and therefore witton would be losing in excess of ?1000 per week. Ok lets assume wittom sell WP for ?2.5m, after Mr x y and z have taken their cut and left the club, to be run by the new regime the ne result is DISASTER. I repeat wafc RIP in 3 years. NVFC, full-time next season,challenging for the football league with crowds of around 1500. The following season crowds rising to around 2000 and knocking on the door of the football league. Season after riding high in the Conf and promoted to the football league with crowds of 2500. Get the drift!! I repeat wafc RIP in 3 years, one team in the town just like the last 36 years. NVFC 4EVER.