Tonights game

I was one of the brave 160 souls who saw Workington comfortably beat us tonight. On this showing we will not be anywhere near the play-offs,we were beaten easily and Workington never looked like losing the match.A new manager is needed desperately, the situation cannot be allowed to contine, knocked out of all the cups we’ve only the league left – acr now before it is too late.<br>P.S the gate tonight was attrocious, especially after the good win on saturday, I’m beginning to wonder if Witton fans really want their club.

We’re still in the Presidents cup actually, "Observer/The Judge/Insider/JGG" etc.<br><br>Workington are flying at the top of the league.<br><br>We’re all aware that the team is not right - that’s why we got rid of the manager.<br><br>The new manager was planned for tonight but events beyond our control have messed that up.<br><br>There were only 162 at Hyde tonight who are doing much better than we are, so I think they must have attendance problems too.

Deb you forgot to mention that sickasapig also posted several times on other threads as Vics fan and a few other names which are probably more fitting.

Just a thought and I know its been discussed before but does Monday games work for <br><br>a) the fans<br>b)the players (recovery time)<br>c)the team, what do the stats say.<br><br>If the team has a game at home saturday then another on Monday , its asking alot to get out of the house twice in 48 hrs. How many premiership fans would turn up for a monday game in the league cup having watched a home game on saturday is the point I thinlk I’m trying to make.<br><br>Does the Tuesdaywednesday make any difference to numbers?<br><br>any statto’s out of there? I’m thinking Chad the Elder

Must say I detest Monday night games for personal reasons and those outlined by Hughesey, lets have a change. <br>Please.

The decision to play on Monday night was taken because we were concerned about the adverse effect a Champions Lge match involving any of the English club’s but in particular Man Ut and Liverpool on the gate.<br><br>This was done in consultation with the Management team, and when we first started the matches on Monday nights our gates were above the norm for a Tuesday or Wednesday as we were also getting a few stragglers in.<br><br>I understand that the match against Workington on 29th November maybe moved to the Tuesday but only if the sponsors on the night can attend. Financial consideration on this occasion has to come into it.<br><br>I believe it will be discussed at next weeks Board Meeting.

Workington league game rather sums it up.<br><br>Attend occasionally (for a whole range of reasons) so haven’t yet taken up the junior membership scheme, hence each game proves very expensive indeed. <br><br>Also have to juggle quite a few variables to have an evening free. At two weeks’ notice I personally would be a bit disappointed were the game to be moved, but having said that it has to be a concern if Monday night is a problem for regular supporters or for preparing the team. :frowning:

Chad senior did a piece on this last season - attendances were up by a good percentage on the seasons previous when we played on Mondays.<br><br>I think its a good idea, but player recovery time, kit washing, pitch maintenance etc are obvious downsides.<br>But…its the same for both teams, use the spare kit, sack off the rentboys and its problem solved! (well maybe not…)<br><br>Incidently Rob, when exactly will a decision be made as to the date change - knowing what the local papers are like I would put money on them screwing it up and us ending up a lot worse off if we were to change the date at what is getting to short notice. <br><br>Makes no odds to me but a lot of people need it laying on a plate for them or they’ll never notice the change - just how many failed to notice the DAYS of rain and called off reserve match which preceeded the Blyth league game. :-/

Fortunately rely on this site rather than the local papers!!! :wink:

I cant attend monday night games unless I am prepared to leave the house at 6:30am the next day which I can’t be bothered with espicially for League Cup ties. Tuesday is a much better night although it does leave tuesday’s free to watch other local teams for the management team and our fans.