Have had the call at 9:20am from Leek to say that the Match has been postponed due to the state of their pitch.<br><br>Message from Gary To First Team Squad Players - Please report to Wincham Park at 7pm for training instead.<br><br>Phil Chadwick<br>Football Secretary<br>

According to the Unibond League website the next time we can expect it to be off is Thursday 31 March 2005!!<br><br>GE<br>

I am off Uni then so that is awesome but a very weird day to play it. Maybe Leek should come groundshare at WP with Runcorn & Vics. Why is there pitch SO bad this year? Only 2 teams play on it don’t they? Leek Town & Leek CSOB? ???

Could be because they have their priorities set wrong. As I’ve mentioned previously they chose to press on with a new floodlight system rather than spending their money on pitch and surrounds!<br><br>Seem very irish to me as why the need for floodlights if you can’t use the pitch?? [smiley=dunno.gif] [smiley=dunno.gif]

Especially as tonight is the 10th game they have had to call off so far this season at home! :o

Who’s to say the pitch will get better though? It’s not as it’ll have stopped raining by the end of April (April showers!!) so why do they assume they’ll get all of the games played by the end of the season? Can any games not be switched; can they not surrender home advantage since the pitch is blatantly godawful?

That was the point I was kinda getting at Deb with the April showers - not being funny to Leek but if it rains full stop in the same week it seems like the games off. I’m sure they are more fustrated with it than we are and it must play havock with the cash flow etc.<br><br>Even by March they are looking at playing 3 times a week - guess it will only affect them in the long run but don’t think I’ve ever known a scenario quite like it?<br><br>It’ll be the best lit pond in the north!