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Cheatstown 1-0 Leek Town. 81st minute goal.

Crapwell 4-1 Cammell Laird

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Cheatstown 1-0 Leek Town

Crapwell 4-1 Cammell Laird


We are now down to 5th, with Cheatstown up to 2nd and Crapwell in 3rd.

Leek are still on the same points as us in 7th, but with only one game in hand now, against Cheatstown again.

The results were pretty much expected, in the whole scheme of things we probably wanted Cheatstown to win and Leek to lose, as Leek are greater competition for the last play-off spot.

The top four are in the order I think they will finish in, it’s between us Sheffield, Leek and Belper for 5th place. As i have said all along if we had have won our last 5 we would be in the play-offs, so far we have 1 win and 1 draw from those games. Win the next 3 and we may still be OK but anything less gives us no chance.

On a separate note, spot the recurring trend at the following link:

Not for the first time his goals have lifted Salford out of relegation zone !

But would u have him back at Witton ?

Yes I would have him back.

I also would not have relegated him to the bench when he was in preference of Lamb and given that he was top goal scorer I would have had him under contract.

Easy to asy in retrospect but could we afford to have him under contract? I said he would score goals, I’m just sorry it’s not for us now.

I think he was a bit lazy not a team player and expensive from all accounts sure we might miss his goals but then we were not doing any better with him than we are without him, for the longer term better off without him imo plus discipline is improved :wink: