Tonight's team

Anyone know whether Sean W. will be fit for tonight’s game?<br><br>Good luck to all the lads and hopefully a good game and 3 points!

As ive heard Shaun is on trial this week with a Premier league team and it is a bit of a trip and i cant see him playing.<br>But i aint Jim and Shaun loves to play so we could get a surprise.<br>What ever the out come lets hope we can get back to winning ways against Prescott and take 3 points and maybe score a few more goals and lets see if we can keep a clean sheet.<br>Come on the Albs.<br> [smiley=cheezy.gif]

Predictions anyone?<br><br>Im going for a 3-1 win and an attendence of 260 (hopefully more!)

Like it that you put 3v1 knowing we can defend at mo.<br>Im saying 4v0 though i think we might be shocked tonight and we keep a clean sheet.

Not going to predict the score but with what’s going on elsewhere then I reckon we could well get one of our lowest ever attendances.<br><br>Sorry to put a dampener on but just taking a reality check here!- Can only wish therefore that Wittoners do come out of their closets and start supporting what is the most exciting team we’ve had for years.

Hope its a reasonable attendance tonight.Were playing some good football at the moment hopefully be at least 250 there!