Top of the League - Still a possibility?

I was just looking over the unibond site and having looked more in depth at the table and remaining fixtures of Telford and ourselves and if we win all our games in hand we willl only be 8 points adrift of telford. Then i looked at Telford’s remaining fixtures and they have some very difficult away gaes still to conquer and they also have 6 games against teams fighting for play off positions/promotion including ourselves!! Alright we dont have the easiest of run-in’s but surely we cant think that the push for automatic promotion is over and we are playing for a place in the play offs!? We can still gain automatic promotion! It is by no means beyond the realms of possibility!! Come on Witton!!

Points in the bag are better than games in hand, simple as that. The closest we can get as you say is 8 points, but to do that we ahve to win ALL the games in hand, draw just one and the gap is 10 points. We aslo have to remember the gates and income that Telford can draw upon. We should NOT give up, but let’s not put too much pressure on the team. A play off place would mean almost certain promotion anyway with this great bunch of players

I haven’t given up yet because I put ?100 on us at the start of the season! mind you I’ve done the same for the past 4 years believing that this will be our year, ever the optomist ;D