… for a New year’s derby match ??? ??? ;D ;D ;D

Derby Match??? Are you sure of your geography

Think I would be more concerned about the 5something that attended the new years day derby clash if I were you ‘north… sorry witton fan’

Cant we filter these meaningless comments from the lizards out its getting tiresome?

It’s actually a cut and pasted message from the Vics board with the gate altered.<br>If you want to ban such postings look within your own fans!! :slight_smile:

Would a ‘Witton Fan’ really say look within your own fans?? <br>Another ashamed V@#cs fan posting?!?

Course it is a Vics fan. Look at his e-mail address bit obvious. Vics fans just don’t have the balls to come out and say who they are. if I have an opinion then I will share it under my own name.

Witton Fan doesn’t on the Vics board!! ::slight_smile:

Yes but we know who he is. As you don’t admit to anyone who you are as the Vics people claim not to know you.

The name’s Bond, James Bond. :-X