I know this is a very random topic but I was flicking through my copy of sons of albion the other day just for a bit of nostalgia and I noticed that back in the 1900’s, Witton were refered to as the ‘trickies’ in a Guardian report. I had heard many years ago that Witton were given the nickname the ‘trickies’ as they were deemed as trickie to beat. <br>But obviously this is Vic’s nickname which they have used for years so just wondered if Chad or someone could shed some light over who are the actual trickies as it were.<br>Cheers ???

I am as much in the dark as you on this Nick. Witton Albion were nicknamed the "Trickies" and I well remember them being known as that STILL in the 1960s.<br><br>With time the name seems to have disappeared - it was mainly used in the local papers. Seems that the other lot have spotted their opportunity to nick it maybe!!<br><br>Maybe TONY might like to add a bit more to this.

Cheers for that Chad, maybe it could be time to reclaim the name then!!!

Get a life Nick mate!!!