Two tickets...

Actually 2 Executive Tickets…

To the England v Croatia Euro 2008 Qualifier @ Wembley on Wednesday 21 November, 8pm ko.

Including special privilege passes for half time & full time access to the players’ lounge including free food and drinks. No autographs allowed.

Also a pair of signed Paul Robinson gloves.

Available at the Sportsman’s Dinner - bidding starts now.


Graham, I will start the ball rolling, £100.

Fantastic package deserves to go for a lot more but I have a current bid of £200

Are the Paul Robinson gloves being auctioned as a seperate item, or as part of the package with the tickets?!

And have they actually made contact with a football? :smiley:

Stick to the post Robbo.

£300 from Chris Arnold a guy I work with.

Just wondered if they could be passed off ‘as new’?! :o

Serious question though; are they seperate to the tickets or part of a package?

Any last minute bidders before tonight?


Isreal 2 Russia 1 how much these tickets must be worth now! someone got a bargain on Thursday night

In hindsight; not so much of a bargain…