uk tour boys where are they now?

Hi i have decided to stop paying £21 to watch huddersfield get beat every week and am going back to my football roots as a teenager in the 80s by watchin the mighty witton again, always followed the results but only been to a handful of games in the last few years! im hoping to get to stocksbridge on sat and just wondered how many of the uk tour boys still get to the games, we had t shirts made with witton albion uk tour boys on and a few of the lads made the bishop 3-1 fanzine, in the first edition it had pen pics of all the lads, mine read" matty always skint, so skinny was mistaken for a corner flag at hyde, soft spot for tracy collins or is it mike!! so wondered where the likes of pooly,tj,mark booker,phil carter,big gaz and suger boy are? i know andy chad and mike turner appear on here and ive met up with dave spruce at a few games in the last few years but would be interested to find out wots happened to the rest ps nearly forgot the likes of lawrie alder and the lovely and very loud tracy collins and her big bro mike ::slight_smile:

Great to meet up with you ‘stick thin’ Matty Arnold again on Saturday!

Reunion with Phil Carter (no dodgy tache) and Pooley (sorry H!!!), and Tracy - Do I detect wedding bells???