Under 8s Trip

)Hi there I am arranging a trip to the game on saturday for the WJ under 8s they have just finished there League and from 18 matches Won 10 drawn 6 and only lost 2!<br>So as a well done to em we are bringing em along on saturday (a few of us come anyway but hoping to convince the others to watch the local teams instead of Man u etc ;D) there will be approx 10-12 kids plus the parents and I was wondering if it would be possible for us to take a photo of em with the senior team before the game? we could arrive early so that we wouldnt hold things up! any thoughts I have emailed the club bot havent heard anything yet!

Your best bet is to contact Graham Edgeley

Let us know how many tickets you want, all the kids will be free of charge and we will come to some special arrangement on this special occasion for the parents. The more the merrier. <br>Shouldn’t be any problem whatsoever with a picture with the team before the game. <br><br>Contact me via email- rob@rss.me.uk

Simon<br><br>You actually mailed the website not the club!<br><br>As it was only received yesterday then I haven’t had the chance to run it past Gary Finley yet. <br><br>I am hoping that we can sort something out as we do want to recognise the Under 8’s achievements as well as encouraging stronger links.<br><br>Will be back in touch when sorted.<br><br>Cheers <br><br>Phil Chadwick<br>Football Secretary

!Thanks fellas (sorry about emailing the wrong place) I am sure that the parents wont mind paying and now that the family gate is back on the kids will be free anyway! a good few of our team are at academys with bigger clubs, so it would be nice to get em together before any leave! Just hope that we can put on a good performance to encourage the kids to keep coming and bringing thieir dads! nothing better than watching the full time scores on a saturday than in the bar!

Si<br><br>You actually e-mailed me and I passed it on to Chad.<br><br>All the website e-mails come through to me and I pass them on to the relevant people.

Thanks Debbie

I can do a picture if you like Sigi as I’m doing another prior to the game (your son I believe) on the digi camera and we can discuss copies etc aferwards if you like.

Cheers Neil would be good what time shall I get the lads there?

Wait a minute - slow down!!<br><br>I think we need to agree with Gary Finley that this is okay first. As far as I know, he hasn’t yet been asked.

Sorry Debbie I didnt assume that it would be Ok I was waiting to hear, I understand that match days can be hectic I just wanted to ensure that the kids parents understood that they would have to be there early! (if we get the go ahead) just that with the gates being like they have any encouragement to get new faces in might be good! especially as all the kids play for the Juniors but half of em dont even know where the ground is!! ::slight_smile: even if the squad havent got time for a quick photo I am sure the kids will have a good time. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

No, most definitely the more the merrier!!<br><br>I imagine if it does happen, it will need to be quite early on, so I’m unsure of what the kids will do whilst waiting for kick-off, but I’m sure you’ll keep them entertained.<br><br>(Not offering my services though; I’m not great with kids…!!) ;D

[smiley=ranting.gif] :-XIf they dont encourage the kids well all I can say is<br> [smiley=dunno.gif]

I think that kids are encouraged (family gate) just a pity more dont come as they will grow into true wittoners!<br><br>Anyone know if the manager has been asked about the possible photo yet?<br><br>Only dont want to round up the sprogs early if no reason ;D<br><br>Cheers

Think Chad is the one to answer this one - I haven’t seen GF to ask this week.

Just to confirm what I’ve mailed Simon with.<br><br>Please all get down to the ground around 2pm as we want to do the photo by 2:15pm at the latest.<br><br>Cheers