Unibond Prediction League

The latest addition to the site is the Unibond Premier division prediction league. Information on this can be reached by the menu on the left of the main site.

To enter you must be a registered member of this site. There is no fee, this is just for fun. The explanation of the rules looks a little strange at first, as does some of the wording, as the programme has been converted from German. I’ll try to clear things up over the next few days, however it is fairly self explanatory and easy to use - the more accurate your score prediction is, the more points you get. There is a joker system which doubles your points, but you can only use this on 20 matches over the season.

Predictions for Saturday’s games must obviously be entered before kick off on Saturday!

Good luck.

Don’t forget, less than 28 hours now until the deadline for your predictions for the first fixtures of the season - a lot less than that for those going to Lincoln!

Just noticed for some reason the Ashton v. Ilkeston fixture on the opening day did not appear in the prediction list, so for those of you who’ve entered, please make sure you go back and enter your predicted score for this game.

Predictions can be altered at any time up to kick off.

Still not too late to enter, thirteen people signed up so far, with The Wincham Rabbit burrowing his way to the top of the prediction table with 49 points. The sooner you sign up, the less catching up you have to do!