Unibond Premier Division Odds

At almost the halfway stage of the season, Bet365 have released the latest odds on winning the Unibond Premier Division.<br><br>2/1F NORTH FERRIBY UNITED<br>3/1 ?MARINE<br>5/1 ?FARSLEY CELTIC<br>6/1 ?WITTON ALBION<br>13/2 BURSCOUGH<br>8/1 ? FRICKLEY ATHLETIC<br>33/1 GUISELEY<br>50/1 BLYTH SPARTANS

6-1!!! Get your money on, North Ferriby have "blown up" The danger team is Marine.<br>WHS

6-1 ?? Some of us were confident at the start of the season and put a wager on us at 26-1 ;D

God!! You must have some faith!!! I sincerely hope you "Clean Up".<br>WHS

Think I had a bet on us at the start of the season. Trouble is, it’s so long ago I can’t remember!!! But North Ferriby as favourites is madness…Marine are looking pretty impressive at the moment, and we are certainly in with a chance. Get your money on!

Not after today!!! WHS

Yep your right we’ll struggle to even make the top 5 after dropping a whole 2 points!<br>Heaven forbid we don’t win every other game 4-0.

WHS<br>You change you view like the wind, instead of being negative get behind the boys, still a long way to go and as long as we keep picking up points you never know. Keep the faith…