Unibond Premier Mileage Table

  1. Workington Reds 3088 <br>2. Blyth Spartans 2692 <br>3. Lincoln Utd 2457 <br>4. Gateshead 2398 <br>5. Bridlington Town 2228 <br>6. Whitby Town 2204 <br>7. Bishop Auckland 2065 <br>= Spennymoor Utd 2065 <br>9. Witton Albion 2032 <br>10. Burscough 2027 <br>11. Marine 1977 <br>12. Leek Town 1920 <br>13. Matlock Town 1861 <br>14. Prescot Cables 1840 <br>15. Bamber Bridge 1702 <br>16. Hyde Utd 1540 <br>17. Radcliffe Borough 1538 <br>18. Frickley Ath 1532 <br>19. Wakefield Emley 1463 <br>20. Farsley Celtic 1415 <br>21. Guiseley 1389 <br>= Ossett Town 1389 <br><br>So we aren’t that hard done to but could have it easier.

Find this man a job!

Got one Jac. Plus Scott from Blyth did it on nonleaguezone.com

Let you off then… :wink:

Thanks. Pretty much as I expected. Workington top cos’ they are in the middle of nowhere then the North-Eastern teams then us because were miles away from everyone. Prescot being the nearest at 27miles.

Remember the good old days when there were SIX teams from Cheshire in the Conference?? you didn’t have to travel more than about 20 miles for 26 of the seasons league games :cry:

And Akie has the audacity to suggest deleting posts!!! <br><br>Get that man a female!!!<br>

This is of huge interest! ?:o<br><br>Plus I am always working very hard with being a student & having a highly stressful job. :cry: